Learn about the five elements in Zenless Zone Zero as well as combat mechanics such as Attribute Anomaly, Disorder and Daze.

Zenless Zone Zero is the latest action RPG game from MiHoYo and as usual Elements will play a key role in combat as is now tradition. Here's a breakdown of the five elements and how to trigger their debuffs.

For those familiar with Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail titles, there are definitely similarities in terms of elements. However, Zenless Zone Zero adds a new element type; Ether.

Nicole, Anby, Nekomiya and Billy of the Cunning Hares faction
Nicole, Anby, Nekomiya and Billy of the Cunning Hares faction

How many elements are in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)?

At launch Zenless Zone Zero will have five Elements:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Electric
  • Physical
  • Ether

Of the 16 launch characters, Electric is the most common element followed by Ice. Ether is the rarest element, with Nicole and Zhu Yuan the only Ether agents in version 1.0 of Zenless Zone Zero. All of the characters have been divided into Zenless Zone Zero Factions.

Interestingly, at launch Genshin Impact had six elements, with a playable character for its seventh element Dendro not added until version 3.0. Meanwhile Honkai Star Rail launched with seven elements, including Imaginary and Quantum.

FireBen Bigger, Soldier 11, Koleda Belobog
IceEllen Joe, Soukaka, Von Lycaon
ElectricAnby, Anton, Alexandrina, Grace
PhysicalNekomata, Billy Kid, Corin Wickes
EtherNicole Demara, Zhu Yuan
A guide to agent elements in Zenless Zone Zero
Nicole is one of only two Ether element characters at launch, making it the rarest of the five elements
Nicole is one of only two Ether element characters at launch, making it the rarest of the five elements

What is an Attribute Anomaly in Zenless Zone Zero?

When an agent (character) deals elemental damage (Attribute damage) to an enemy, it will also deal Anomaly Build up damage. When the build up reaches a certain level, it will apply an Attribute Anomaly to the enemy, which is a debuff similar to Weakness Break in Honkai Star Rail.

The stronger the enemy, the more Attribute Anomaly damage you will need to inflict to trigger an Attribute Anomaly. The Attribute Anomaly applied will vary based on the element of your agent.

Attribute Anomaly (Debuff)
FireBurnDeals continuous fire damage and interrupts organic enemies' actions.
IceShatterImmobilizes the target and deals Ice DMG. Crit DMG received increased for duration of Shatter.
ElectricShockTarget receives additional Electric DMG and interrupts mechanical enemies' actions when triggered.
PhysicalAssaultDeals Physical DMG and interrupts target's action. Also increases the Stun duration (Daze) for a period of time.
EtherCorruptionTarget receives increased Ether DMG during duration of Corruption. Corruption also interrupts targets' actions.
The Attribute Anomaly of the five elements in Zenless Zone Zero

You will be able to improve how effectively and quickly your agent can deal Attribute Anomaly through Anomaly Mastery and Anomaly Proficiency.

  • Anomaly Mastery: How fast your Agent can cause Anomaly Build up through Attribute DMG. (Similar to Elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact)
  • Anomaly Proficiency: How much DMG your Agent will deal when their Attribute Anomaly is triggered.

What is Disorder?

In the scenario where you apply a new Attribute Anomaly to a target already under the influence of one, the old Attribute Anomaly will be replaced with the new one. While the two will not stack, the target will instead be inflicted with a debuff known as Disorder, which deals extra damage and inflicts Daze (a stun). So you'll be rewarded for combining elemental DMG.