Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to unlock this sniper rifle.

If you're in need of a particular sniper rifle in Ubisoft's first-person arena shooter, then you've come to the right place. Read on for our quick guide on how to unlock the TAC-50 in XDefiant.

XDefiant TAC-50 screenshot (Image via
XDefiant TAC-50 screenshot (Image via

How to unlock the TAC-50 in XDefiant

  1. Launch XDefiant
  2. Enter a match
  3. Go into your loadout
  4. Equip the Sniper Present (M44)
  5. Achieve 10 sniper one-shot kills
XDefiant Sniper Present screenshot (Image via
XDefiant Sniper Present screenshot (Image via

XDefiant TAC-50

Adding the XDefiant TAC-50 weapon to your collection is pretty straightforward. You just have to achieve 10 one-shot kills as a sniper. This is one of the base challenges. Before jumping into the fray, make sure that you have the M44 sniper rifle in your loadout as well. Next, get some one-shot kills as a sniper. Repeat this 10 times to unlock the TAC-50.

XDefiant screenshot (Image via
XDefiant screenshot (Image via

XDefiant TAC-50 specs

Here are the details for the TAC-50 in XDefiant at launch:

Damage100 (0-27m)
100 (27-45m)
100 (45-300m)
Rate of Fire38 RPM
Bullet Penetration1x
Mobility0.9 m/s
Sprint Out Time600.0 ms
ADS Time630.0 ms
Aim Stability2400%
Recoil50% horizontal
50% vertical
Hipfire Spread11°
Magazine Size5 rounds
Ammunition5 + 20 rounds
Reload Time3.067 seconds
Minimap Visibility1.0s
Equipping the TAC-50 in XDefiant (Image via
Equipping the TAC-50 in XDefiant (Image via

Playing XDefiant as a sniper

You can also accomplish some other milestones a while in a match. For example, there are a lot of XDefiant achievements and trophies that you can get by simply playing the game. If you find that you enjoy using a sniper rifle, then you can even try to get 25 kills with one. Completing this particular challenge results in an 50 XP reward, and every bit counts if you would like to level up faster.

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