Here’s how to get this SMG for your XDefiant loadout.

XDefiant has a slew of weapons that players can choose from in their loadout. While the default ones are useful at the start, you may find yourself wanting to have other weapons in your loadout. Therefore, read on for our quick guide on how to unlock the MP7 in XDefiant.

XDefiant MP7 requirement (Image via
XDefiant MP7 requirement (Image via

How to unlock the MP7 in XDefiant

  • Launch the game
  • Enter a match
  • Equip an SMG
  • Get 20 SMG point-blank kills

"The quick-handling, high-rate-of-fire MP7 is ideal for flankers who want to get in close and unload a hail of bullets."

MP7 description in XDefiant

XDefiant MP7

Unlocking the MP7 in XDefiant is fairly straightforward. This weapon is obtainable through one of the base weapon challenges. To get it, simply enter a match in XDefiant with an SMG. Then, achieve 20 kills in total.

XDefiant gameplay screenshot (Image via
XDefiant gameplay screenshot (Image via

If you're testing out other weapons during the match, then you can still gain progress towards the MP7 as well. The game adds to the progress towards a challenge in every match, so you don't have to get 20 SMG kills all in one go.

XDefiant's SMG page (Image via
XDefiant's SMG page (Image via

That's pretty much it. Again, the base weapon unlocks are simple to understand. Once you get 20 point-blank kills with the MP7, you can aim for other items as well. In addition to the weapon base challenges, XDefiant has goals for devices, faction characters, and more.

XDefiant MP7 specs

Here are the details for the MP7 at launch:

Damage19 (0-17m)
11 (17-22m)
8 (22-100m)
Rate of Fire870 RPM
Bullet Penetration1x
Mobility1.0 m/s
Sprint Out Time184 ms
ADS Time180 ms
Aim Stability43%
Recoil50% horizontal
50% vertical
Hipfire Spread
Magazine Size35 rounds
Ammunition35 + 140 rounds
Reload Time1933.0 ms (1.933 seconds)
Minimap Visibility1.0s

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