The Otto the otter mount recently discovered in WoW Dragonflight is a secret mount found by fishing. Lots of fishing. So much fishing.

The secret otter, revealed. One of the last hidden secrets of the launch patch, the Otto the otter mount in WoW Dragonflight was finally found by the WoW Secret Finding Discord. And as with most things, dear old Otto is found via fishing. And luck. Fishing and a whole lot of luck.

Do you like giving shiny coins to frogs? No? Well, we'll get to that. First things first: Here's what to do.

How to find the Otto mount in Dragonflight

<em>Swog Life.</em>
Swog Life.

The first goal is to trade a Gold Coin of the Isles to The Great Swog, a vendor found in the Ohn'ahran Plains at waypoint "/way #2023 82.32 73.21 The Great Swog." However, Swoggy G doesn't want any currency, he only wants those Coins of the Isles. And this is only done via fishing. You might get lucky and directly fish up a Gold Coin, but another option is available. Swog will trade a number of Copper Coins for Silver Coins, and Silver Coins for Gold Coins. You can see where this is going. The journey is going to be a bit RNG based, but eventually you can trade a Gold Coin to Swoggykins for an Immaculate Sack of Swog Treasures.

Also: Get your head out of the gutter. It's not his fault that sack is immaculate.

In that bag is a toy called the Aquatic Shades, which you'll need for the next step. Your Otto the Otter mount is within reach. Kinda.

<em>Here's where Lord Swoggington Esq. is located. </em>
Here's where Lord Swoggington Esq. is located.

To the Citadel for a dance party

The next step involves going to a hidden bar north of the Obsidian Citadel in the Waking Shores. The Dive Bar is located at waypoint "/way #2022 19.6 36.5 The Bubble Bath." Put on the Aquatic Shades and /dance on the dance pad for a solid five minutes. After the time passes you'll teleport to a place called The Hissing Grotto. Grab the item called the Empty Fish Barrel in front of you.

And if your next question was "Gee, am I going to fill this fish barrel?" then boy, are you right.

Fishing. So much fishing.

Here's the fish you'll need to fill your newfound barrel.

Head back to the Hissing Grotto at waypoint "/way #2022 20.3 39.7 Hissing Grotto" with your filled barrel. Do this and Otto is yours! Enjoy your new Otto the otter mount and make every other WoW Dragonflight player confused and jealous of your otter-based swag.

Keep tuned to for this and more otter information as it becomes available.

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