Bronze Dust begats eggs, which begats Mammoths. Find out what to use this new, mysterious item for in WoW.

The Zskera Vaults are full of weird and new mysteries. Magic water, hidden skeletons, and plenty of pets and toys along the way. However, one item is leading to a bit of confusion: The Speck of Bronze Dust in WoW clearly does... Something? But what? Well, the answer leads to your very own Mossy Mammoth mount. You just need to get lucky.

Let's have a look.

What is the Speck of Bronze Dust in WoW used for?

The Speck of Bronze Dust found in the new WoW area Zskera Vault is part of a chain of items that lead towards the Mossy Mammoth mount. However, all of that begins with one item: The Strange Petrified Orb. You'll find this inside a Mysterious Chest on the first floor of the Vault. From there, it's a "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" situation.

If you combine the Orb with a Scrap of Black Dragonscale it will create the Particularly Ordinary Egg. Combining the Particularly Ordinary Egg with a Drop of Blue Dragon Magic gives you a Magically Altered Egg.

So on and so forth.

You'll find all of these items throughout the Vaults, most typically in the chests that lay behind locked doors opened with Vault Keys. Eventually, you'll get down far into the chain that you combine the Speck of Bronze Dust with an Egg of Unknown Contents, which creates the Sleeping Ancient Mammoth.

<em>The Mossy Mammoth mount.</em>
The Mossy Mammoth mount.

Finally, add the Mammoth with an Emerald Brooch and you'll get your Mossy Mammoth. Easy, right?

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