The mystery of the Zskera Vault awaits players in 10.0.7 and the Forbidden Reach. How do you kick things off? Let’s look.

Looking for something new to do in WoW? Zskera Vault is a new mystery found out in the Forbidden Reach in patch 10.0.7. Containing a number of treasures and secrets, this is also the key to getting a new and modifiable ilvl 405 ring, simply for showing up.

Want to learn the secrets of the vaults? Let's get you set up with the best things to know about the Zskera Vault system.

Zskera Vault: Location and introduction

<em>The entrance to Zskera Vault is found on the north part of Morqut Islet.</em>
The entrance to Zskera Vault is found on the north part of Morqut Islet.

Upon landing at the Forbidden Reach and Morqut Islet you'll need to do a few introductory quests before the Zskera Vault questline appears. This includes Helping Hand and Claw, then picking up the quest Exploring Our Past. After that, Jeb and Tacha will hand you six Zskera Vault keys and ask you to head down below.

The Vault is a circular room with multiple floors and a bunch of locked doors; hence the keys. Through the questline, doing other quests, and slaying rare enemies such as Warden Entrix you'll earn more keys.

But what do you do with those keys once inside Zskera Vault? Let's talk about the various.

What to do inside Zskera Vault

An important note: The quest for and inside of your Zskera Vault is not account-wide, but the keys for the vault can be shared across characters. This is important for the sake of completion and running the Vault on multiple toons. Once inside, you'll immediately see your quest givers, as well as a quest called Unusual Ring to pick up the ilvl 405 ring the Onyx Annulet. Take this back to the starting area to get your new ring.

As for the keys, you'll need more to unlock doors in Zskera Vault. Each door uses one Vault Key, and you will need 28 Zskera Vault Keys to unlock all doors available to one Vault per week. It will reset after that week. You can get more keys in the following ways:

  • Guaranteed drop from Forbidden Hoard events in the Forbidden Reach;
  • Chance to drop from Sack of Oddities from Cataloger Daela at Morqut Village for 2000 Elemental Overflow each.
  • Chance to drop from killing mobs and rares at the Forbidden Reach

We'll let you explore the secrets of the vault for yourself, but know that a number of pets, toys, and mods for your new 405 ring are found throughout the vault. You also have a shot at picking up Bind-On-Account 385 gear tokens that are class-specific. Use these to buff your toons and get up to higher ilvls in a hurry.

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