The VALORANT Evori Dreamwings bundle arrives with Episode 9 Act I, and we’ve got you covered with all of its contents.

VALORANT Episode 9 is here, and with it comes the Evori Dreamwings Bundle. Fans of the FPS love their skin collections. So, naturally, the new episode has one that many players will want to pick up.

Let's go over the bundle's details, from what you can expect to when it will arrive.

VALORANT Evori Dreamwings skins and accessories

First, the bundle was teased with the Episode 9 Act 1 cinematic trailer. Then shortly after, VALORANT released a full trailer for Evori Dreamwings. It showcases the following weapons:

  • Vandal
  • Ghost
  • Spectre
  • Odin
  • Evori's Spellcaster (Melee)
  • Player Cards

We can assume there will also be a spray and a gun buddy set, or even multiple with this collection. It has a variety of colors, effects, and a finisher, that all have a different creature to accompany you on the battlefield.

We'll update you here with every detail as they come in and official images once the bundle is in-game.

Price of the bundle

This is a pricey one. According to leaks after the VALORAN Evori Dreamwings bundle reveal, it will cost 9,900 VALORANT Points. That still doesn't top the Radiant Entertainment System for the most costly bundle, however.

If the leaks are correct, then individual items are rather expensive, too. Weapons cost 2,475 VP, the melee is 4,950 VP, sprays are 325 VP, player cards are 375 VP, and the gun buddy set is 475 VP.

When does the VALORANT Evori Dreamwings Bundle release?

VALORANT teased the Evori Dreamwings bundle as an important part of the upcoming Episode 9 launch. So, it is safe to assume the skin collection will arrive right when Episode 9 does, but that is not guaranteed.

If it does, however, you can expect to see it the day after the patch goes live, per Riot's new update regulations.

This means the patch goes live on its normal day, but in-game content comes the day after, and the store updates the day after that. Meaning the bundle should be here by June 27 at the latest.

Stay tuned to for more esports news and the full details of this bundle when we have them!