Sorry Iso mains, but the VALORANT 9.0 update is here to tame the Duelist and bring his skills back down a notch or two.

The ever-anticipated VALORANT 9.0 update is here and its patch notes are pretty hefty. It ushers in Episode 9 Act 1, and delivers some changes across both PC and console.

The biggest of those is absolutely the nerfing of Iso's incredible buff and the ability to come across Abyss while playing in the ranked queue.

VALORANT 9.0 patch notes touch on everything from Iso and Abyss to new voice lines and bugs

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games is quickly fixing the mess they made with Iso, and putting in plenty of work elsewhere to ensure ranked arriving in VALORANT console runs smooth and the start of Episode 9 is well-received.

Agent updates

  • All platforms
    • New conversation voice lines between Agents that includes: Phoenix, Harbor, Brimstone, Yoru, Raze, Iso, Sage, Neon, Gekko, Skye, Deadlock, Omen, Kayo, and Reyna.
  • PC
    • Iso's Double Tap (E) duration lowered to 12s from 20s
    • Iso's Double Tap (E) no longer resets after two kills
  • Console
    • Sova's Owl Drone is at 100 HP, up from 60

Competitive updates

  • PC
    • Abyss is now in the ranked map pool
  • Console
    • Competitive Mode comes to Console this patch.
    • Our Competitive Mode map pool starts with Abyss, Ascent, Bind, Haven, and Sunset. New maps will slowly be added in the next few patches.

Gameplay systems updates

  • Console
    • Added a new “Controls Preset” selection screen upon first boot-up prior to loading into the tutorial. You can now choose between our VALORANT-specific controls preset or a more familiar, traditional console FPS preset as your starting controls scheme. You can easily change your preset and customize controls at any point once in-game through the Settings menu.
    • Polished sound transitions between Focus and ADS to better reflect the aim state you're transitioning into.
    • Crosshair presets have been updated to reflect a better variety of usable crosshairs.
    • Updated the Fighter controls preset so that Crouch is a Hold action instead of a Toggle action.
    • Added holistic Aim Sensitivity slider.
    • Added the ability to enter precision mode while in controls settings to adjust sensitivity sliders by .1 increments.

VALORANT 9.0 player behavior updates

  • PC
    • In addition to removing zero tolerance terms from text chat, people who repeatedly engage in this behavior will see increased penalties on their transgressions.

Premier updates

  • PC
    • Teams in Contender that earned a promotion in Stage E8A3 are in the new Invite Division, where finishing the Stage at a high enough rank will earn you an opportunity to make it into a Challengers League.
    • Contender and Invite Divisions play differently.
      • Strict rematch protection in weekly matches prevents you from ever matching against the same team more than once in a Stage.
      • If we can’t find you an appropriate match during the queue window, you’ll be given a Bye. Byes award a match win and 100 points.
      • Losses award 0 points.
      • Finals in playoffs are Best of 3 matchups.
      • There are some extra roster restrictions for Contender and Invite Division teams.

Social updates

  • PC
    • When you add a friend, you can now paste or type a full Riot ID (including tagline) into the "Riot ID" field and it will automatically split the data into the "Riot ID" and "tagline" fields.
  • Console
    • Updated the communications menu so it’s easier to manage team and party voice on the fly.
    • Added Voice Chat to the Settings page. Now you can tailor your mic behavior and voice settings to suit your setup.

VALORANT 9.0 bug fixes

  • PC
    • Fixed an issue where Iso’s shield hitbox could be misaligned.
  • Console
    • Fixed an issue with Jett's Tailwind (diagonal dash) that was reducing the dash length.
    • Fixed an issue in Team Deathmatch where you would incorrectly see DRAW as a final result in EOG screens.
    • Added specific scoreboard screens for Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch.
    • Fixed issue where both Focus and ADS sounds would play during transitions.
    • Fixed Leave Game menu persisting through AFK idling.
    • Fixed animation bug with Leave Game Menu.
    • Fixed an issue where the friends list would sometimes display inaccurate platform information for friends.
  • All platforms
    • Fixed a particle issue when using ADS on the Level 3 and 4 Mystbloom collection.
    • Fixed an issue when exiting Cypher’s Spycam that caused Cypher’s hands to stutter for Spectators.
    • Abyss map fixes:
      • Fixed several unintended boost positions.
      • Fixed bugs allowing players to get under the map.
      • A Site cover should now properly appear in Omen and Astra smoke targeting world.
      • Fixed an Omen exploit allowing him to get between the spawn barriers.

There are a handful of other known issues in the full patch notes, so you can see what exactly Riot Games is working to fix in coming updates. Otherwise, the above is what you can expect with the VALORANT 9.0 update.

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