VALORANT Night Market skins are only available for a few weeks at a time. But if you don’t like the options available, here’s how you can potentially refresh the list.

The VALORANT Night Market is an opportunity for fans to purchase discounted cosmetic skins. The Night market skins are randomly available so you might not always like the options laid out in front of you. But does the VALORANT Night Market refresh every day? Is there a way to get another Night market skin? We’ve got you covered.

How to refresh VALORANT Night Market

You cannot refresh the VALORANT Night Market skins.
You cannot refresh the VALORANT Night Market skins.

No, the VALORANT Night market does not automatically refresh every day. And there is no way you can refresh the Night Market options.

The VALORANT Night Market gives you six cosmetic skin options to choose from. Once you go to the Night Market page, you have to individually click each card to reveal the cosmetic behind it.

If you don’t like any of the options presented to you, unfortunately, there is no way to refresh the entire list. 

Can we refresh Night Market skins?

The Night Market skins do not refresh even if you buy any skin. Once you buy a skin, it simply is unavailable to you, but a new skin does not take its place.

Will old cosmetics make their way to the Night Market?

In a reply to a question about whether they would consider returning old skin collections, a Riot employee gave the following answer on Reddit. 

There are a lot of benefits to it, including helping out the players who missed it the first time around. We’d have to make special considerations for the exclusive content that comes with the skin lines (like buddies and sprays). 

Riot employee on Reddit

What is the VALORANT Night Market?

Cosmetic skins are a crucial part of VALORANT giving players the ability to choose their favorite skins. They can flaunt their favorite cosmetics including weapon skins, knives, and hey, maybe even a Riot Gun Buddy (although that’s not really easy to get). 

Riot regularly releases the Night Market which provides cosmetics at a discount. To date, there have been 17 Night Markets. The next Night Market kicked off on August 29 and will come to an end on August 29, 2023.

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