The VALORANT Tracker and all of its statistical analysis are available for you whether you play the game on PC or console.

If you've played VALORANT for a decent amount of time, you're probably familiar with It has a VALORANT Tracker that shows you all kinds of statistics about yourself and other players, and it now works for console.

With the game entering a console beta in June 2024, VALORANT Tracker quickly added functionality for those of you who like to play the game with the sticks. So, let's go over what exactly it is and how to access it.

What is VALORANT Tracker?

The website has trackers for a variety of games, with its VALORANT one seeing a lot of players utilize it. Whether you're checking your stats or seeing if an opponent is lying about their peak rank.

You can see your win/loss record, your kill/death ratio, your most-played Agents, and even how many abilities you cast over time. It is a great tool to determine where you might need improvement, or to just flex a bit.

How to access VALORANT Tracker for console

(Image via TRN)
(Image via TRN)

If you're familiar with VALORANT Tracker, then the process for accessing console info is very similar to that of PC. If you're new to the tool, then we'll walk you through the easy steps:

  1. Head to
  2. Select the VALORANT section at the top
  3. Search for a player by their Riot ID or sign in to your own Riot account
  4. On the left side, select the Console tab instead of the PC tab
  5. View your VALORANT Tracker console statistics

Of course, the information is a bit limited since console is much newer than PC. Eventually, it'll catch up in terms of the statistics available to view. Check out your total kills, your career ACS, and plenty more on both console and PC VALORANT.

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