Get your hands on some new characters in the first Descendant.

There are lots of playable characters (Descendants) in The First Descendant, but unlocking them can sometimes be unclear or a bit of a grind.

We've got all the information you need on how to unlock new characters in the First Descendant. Be warned, some of these can be a bit of a grind!

How to unlock characters in The First Descendant

There is a growing roster of playable Descendants in The First Descendant, and they are unlocked through collecting parts. These parts can be built with materials. You'll have to collect these through exploration, or by completing quests.

It doesn't stop there though. Once you've collected the required materials, you need to build the 'Descendant Parts' that you need, and then start the research on the specific Descendant. Your friend during this process will be Anais, who is the NPC responsible for researching weapons and Descendants in Albion.

Anais can help you wade through the huge amount of materials you will need to get. You can select through the vendor windows to see exactly where you need to go to get specific materials. To see this, select any Descendant, then hover your mouse over one of the required Research materials. This should bring up a window that has all the info you need. Press the button prompted and it will show you where you can get whatever Material you are after.

Wondering how to unlock characters in the First Descendant but haven't met Anais yet? Here is how to find them:

However, if that sounds like a total hassle, you can just purchase a Descendant immediately in the Shop tab.

Descendant requirements in the First Descendant

Here are all the requirements showing you how to unlock each character in the First Descendant.

Calibre Cost
Crafting Requirements
Ajax3001x Ajax Enhanced Cells
1x Ajax Stabilizer
1x Ajax Spiral Catalyst
1x Ajax Code
400,000 Gold
Blair3001x Blair Enhanced Cells
1x Blair Stabilizer
1x Blair Spiral Catalyst
1x Blair Code
400,000 Gold
Bunny3001x Bunny Enhanced Cells
1x Bunny Stabilizer
1x Bunny Spiral Catalyst
1x Bunny Code
400,000 Gold
Enzo6001x Enzo Enhanced Cells
1x Enzo Stabilizer
1x Enzo Spiral Catalyst
1x Enzo Code
400,000 Gold
Esiemo9001x Esiemo Enhanced Cells
1x Esiemo Stabilizer
1x Esiemo Spiral Catalyst
1x Esiemo Code
400,000 Gold
Freyna3001x Freyna Enhanced Cells
1x Freyna Stabilizer
1x Freyna Spiral Catalyst
1x Freyna Code
400,000 Gold
Gley6001x Gley Enhanced Cells
1x Gley Stabilizer
1x Gley Spiral Catalyst
1x Gley Code
400,000 Gold
Jayber6001x Jayber Enhanced Cells
1x Jayber Stabilizer
1x Jayber Spiral Catalyst
1x Jayber Code
400,000 Gold
Kyle9001x Kyle Enhanced Cells
1x Kyle Stabilizer
1x Kyle Spiral Catalyst
1x Kyle Code
400,000 Gold
Lepic3001x Lepic Enhanced Cells
1x Lepic Stabilizer
1x Lepic Spiral Catalyst
1x Lepic Code
400,000 Gold
Sharen3001x Sharen Enhanced Cells
1x Sharen Stabilizer
1x Sharen Spiral Catalyst
1x Sharen Code
400,000 Gold
Valby6001x Valby Enhanced Cells
1x Valby Stabilizer
1x Valby Spiral Catalyst
1x Valby Code
400,000 Gold
Viessa3001x Viessa Enhanced Cells
1x Viessa Stabilizer
1x Viessa Spiral Catalyst
1x Viessa Code
400,000 Gold
Yujin9001x Yujin Enhanced Cells
1x Yujin Stabilizer
1x Yujin Spiral Catalyst
1x Yujin Code
400,000 Gold

Now you know exactly how to unlock characters in the First Descendant. Good luck gathering everything you need to get the Descendant you're after.