If you want your Ultimate Weapon to be as powerful as can be in The First Descendant, you’ll need a duplicate to enhance its Unique Ability.

Powering up your Descendant is essential if you want to succeed in The First Descendant. One way to do so is by strengthening your chosen Descendant's weapons. Descendants have access to Ultimate Weapons that can come with a Unique Ability in The First Descendant, which you can then enhance at a workbench.

Let's go over exactly how and where you can accomplish this.

The First Descendant: How to enhance a Unique Ability?

To make your weapon's Unique Ability more useful or more deadly, you need to enhance it. This can be done at any workbench. It is important to note, however, that you must reach Mastery Rank 5 in order to use the function.

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So, once you've done that, follow these steps after you've located a workbench:

  1. Hold the Interact button or key to use the workbench
  2. Select "Enhance Unique Ability" to open the menu
  3. Choose the Ultimate weapon you want to enhance
  4. Select the weapon to sacrifice for the enhancement and press Enhance
  5. Click Complete on the popup box and the Unique Ability is enhanced

It is a super simple process to do, but it is not a simple process to obtain everything. You need to have two of the same Ultimate Weapon in The First Descendant to be able to enhance the gun's Unique Ability. This can take a lot of story playthrough, general grinding, and research time with Anais.

What does enhancing a Unique Ability do?

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

As you obtain more powerful weapons in The First Descendant, you'll find that their power is almost unlimited. Take the Thunder Cage for example, as this is the first Ultimate Weapon most of you will obtain in the game.

It's ability is Overcharge. It decreases the weapon's base reload speed, causing a defeated enemy to unleash an Electric Shockwave that damages other enemies nearby. Enhancing that Unique Ability can increase the range of the shockwave and the damage dealt.

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