Who doesn’t like the possibility of trading all those useless items?

If you're playing the current free-to-play RPG sensation The First Descendant, you probably have wondered if you can trade the weapons and equipment that are gathering dust in your inventory.

Given that The First Descendant draws a lot of inspiration from Warframe, which has a pretty neat trading system, players are wondering whether or not The First Descendant has a similar trading system so they can ditch their unused items for something that will be useful for their journey.

Can you trade in The First Descendant?

You can play with other players, but you can't trade with them (Image via NEXON)
You can play with other players, but you can't trade with them (Image via NEXON)

No, it's impossible to trade weapons or equipment in The First Descendant as of the time of this writing on July 5, 2024. The only way that you can put your hands on new items is by either finding them yourself or buying them with premium currency.

If you're new to The First Descendant, you'll soon notice that the game is more close to Destiny 2 rather than Warframe in this regard. In both The First Descendant and Destiny 2, there's no trading system in place, which leads to an infinite grind that ultimately retains the player base.

However, if your inventory is already full of useless Weapon Modules, you can see how to Dismantle them and earn Kuiper Shards to enhance the Modules you want.

Does NEXON plan to add a trading system?

Even though there's no way to trade items at the moment, the developers have promised to implement a trading system down the road.

"We're working on the trading system and how to give things away as well," the game's director Minseok Joo said in an interview with GameRant during Summer Game Fest. "We're planning on implementing it once the service stabilizes to the point where we can add it."

The First Descendant's director on releasing a trading system

However, as The First Descendant is fairly new and is still dealing with all sorts of server problems in the first week, we shouldn't expect the developers to add a trading system right away.

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