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How to fix Street Fighter 6 Capcom ID not working

This quick Capcom ID fix will help you get back into the fight as soon as possible!

Street Fighter 6 is one of the hottest games around right now with the sixth installment in the Street Fighter franchise having a rather successful launch. While there are some players looking to have 100% completion of the game through its achievements, there are some struggling to get their Street Fighter 6 Capcom ID to work. is here to bring you a quick guide on how to get back into the fight quickly.

How can I fix the Capcom ID error code?

The Capcom ID error is a problem that does not allow players to access certain online features. And with Street Fighter 6 featuring a lot of online content, this is a huge error that needs to be addressed quickly.

Checking the Capcom server status

Follow the official Street Fighter Twitter page for constant updates
Follow the official Street Fighter Twitter page for constant updates

The first step before attempting to fix the problem is to check the server status for Capcom. This can be done in a couple of ways. The first is the official StreetFighter Twitter page. The team is constantly providing updates regarding server problems and expected maintenance.

The second solution is to check out the website, who are providing 24-hour updates on all of the Capcom titles - including Street Fighter 6.

Making sure your internet connection is strong

As is the case with most games that have online servers, you are required internet that is strong enough to meet the capabilities to play an online game. One of the reasons you could be encountering the Street Fighter 6 Capcom ID error is due to a poor internet connection.

  1. Ensure you are using a wired connection if you have the option to
  2. Restart your router and modem by turning them off completely from the power socket
  3. Wait 30 seconds before turning them back on

Connecting your Capcom ID via a web browser

It is recommended before attempting the login process to connect your account via a web browser. This is to avoid being stuck in a continuous loop. Here is how you can connect your Capcom account using a web browser.

  1. Scan your phone using the QR code that is provided to you in the login section
  2. This will direct you to the Capcom ID page
  3. Enter your correct Capcom account details in
  4. You will receive an email asking you to verify the details you have submitted are correct
  5. Select your desired platform for Street Fighter 6

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