All Street Fighter 6 achievements and how to get them cover image

All Street Fighter 6 achievements and how to get them

The ultimate player guide to every achievement in SF6.

Everyone loves a game with a large number of achievements to collect. Street Fighter 6 is no different in the achievements department. At the time of writing this article, SF6 has 43 achievements to unlock. is here to bring you the ultimate Street Fighter 6 achievements guide! Telling you how you can unlock every achievement in no time.

How can I unlock every Street Fighter 6 achievement?

Here is the complete Street Fighter 6 achievements list:

How to get them
Get Your Game Face On!
Create your avatar
So This Is the Battle Hub...
Create a profile and enter the battle hub
First Encounters
Complete your first match in the battle hub
There's Always Time For Training!
Complete 30 matches in the battle hub
King of the Ring
Win 30 battle hub matches
Jungle-Sized Surprise
Fight in an extreme battle
Extreme Combat Training
Fight 20 extreme battles
Over the Top Victory
Win 20 extreme battles
Becoming the Avatar
Fight in an avatar battle
Fixin' for a Fight
Fight in 20 avatar battles
The Struggle Over Self
Win 20 avatar battles
Gazing at the Peak
Enter a tournament
Steely Determination
Enter five tournaments
Dominating Like a Ninja
Win 10 tournaments
Veteran of Battle
Compete in 100 battle hup matches
Kickin' it Old School
Play on a game center cabinet
Classic Leaderboard Champ
Play ranking challenge mode at the game center
Entranced by Battle
Spectate a battle hub match
Combat Analysis
Spectate an extreme battle
Watching Gets Me PUMPED!
Spectate an avatar battle
Welcome to the Stable
Join a battle hub club
Let the Praise Become Your Muscle
Earn your first "nice" fan
Gotta Be Popular! Uwo!
Earn 200 "nice" fans
Spirits of Encouragement
Earn 600 "nice" fans
Pleased to Meet You!
Talk in the battle hub
Coolheaded Analysis
Watch a replay
My Title, My Life
Unlock a fighter profile title
Joining the Pack
Add a friend online
Fashion Leader
Change your avatar's gear
Ready to Dance?
play music at a battle hub DJ booth
Up on the Big Screen
Watch a video on the battle hub screen
Neighborhood Peacekeeper
Complete 22 sub-missions
Mastery's Bond
Raise the bond with one of your masters to 100
At Journey's End
Finish the world tour
Leaving the Nest
Complete the world tour prologue
Work a part-time job
Actions Speak Louder
Break an obstacle using a master action
The Grand Jeté of 100 Battles
Fight 100 online battles via the fighting grounds
Tales of the Valiant
Complete arcade most one time
Practical Training
Complete 45 combo trials
Fighters' Codex
Play a characters guide
Taking Initiative
Take part in your first tutorial

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