Do you want to be better at Rocket League? Here are the best BakkesMod plugins to help with your training.

Rocket League is a game that brings the well-loved sport of football to a whole different modern world. Like football, it is easy to pick up Rocket League. Just focus on the ball and run into it at full speed, aiming the ball at the goalpost. However, it is a difficult game to master with a huge learning curve. Rocket League requires players to have certain levels of mechanics, ball control, and car positioning, together with the new elements of aerials and rocket power.

How do you master Rocket League? It's simple: you just need a lot of training.

Training does not mean jumping into casual games and starting sprinting and flipping without directions. You need proper training tools. This is where BakkesMod comes in. It opens up a new world of endless possibilities and adventures in the Rocket League world.

Let's take a look at the best BakkesMod plugins to up your game and get you to the goal!

What is Bakkesmod?

image credit: Rocket League
image credit: Rocket League

BakkesMod is a third-party mod tool developed for Rocket League. It brings a lot of extensive features that are not available as default in the game. The trainer features started as a ball launcher in the free-play mod to help players with their shots. It then grew into the essential training tool needed by both casual and pro players.

The community mod is developed by Chris Bakkes, hence the name BakkesMod. Chris Bakkes is still actively moderating the BakkesMod since 2017 along with the BakkesMod community.

Is BakkesMod safe to use?

According to Epic Games, Rocket League does not officially support the use of third-party software. However, mods are still allowed if they keep to the Rocket League guidelines. So, is BakkesMod legal to use? The answer is yes. At least, for now. The BakkesMod's developer team explained how they try to open source as much code as possible while staying within Psyonix's guidelines. One of Psyonix's developer team reassured the Rocket League Reddit community on the usage of BakkesMod, saying the players will not be banned for using BakkesMod.

Psyonix has started to implement its own free-play mod with more training tools over the years. There is no guarantee BakkesMod is here to stay, but let's enjoy the ride while it last.

BakkesMod plugins that will change your gameplay

BakkesMod itself is already an extensive tool but there are a lot more plugins developed by the community to accompany BakkesMod. There are a few must-have plugins like AlphaConsole which opens up the cosmetic world of Rocket League and RocketStats which gives you insight into important gameplay numbers and statistics. We are going to explore more amazing BakkesMod plugins that will make you play like a professional in no time.

Aimbot Plugin

Aimbot is a classic cheat in the gaming world where players use it to help with their aim. In the right environment, the tool can prove to be an effective training tool. In Rocket League, the goal is the goalpost itself. Aimbot plugin gives you options on giving the aim accuracy advantage to either the blue team or the orange team. The plugin can also be used to give a disadvantage of aim accuracy, making it harder to score a goal.

Aimbot BakkesMod plugin. Image via
Aimbot BakkesMod plugin. Image via

Additionally, the ball can also be programmed to be attracted to or repelled by either the blue or orange car. These tools can create the assists and resistance needed for you to build higher reflexes and have more speed and power on the field.

You can install the Aimbot plugin over here.


The Rocket League ball sometimes acts like it has a mind of its own and it can go crazy and unpredictable on the field.

If only you can read its mind and see its future path.

Well, the Predictdator plugin is a wish come true. It is an amazing tool that can increase your ability in ball prediction. The plugin adds a trail of prediction for the ball, making it easier for you to make decisions on your positioning and strategy. Predicting the ball's movement is an invaluable skill in Rocket League as you always need to be fast and furious in making decisions and taking action.

Predictdator BakkesMod plugin with green prediction trail. Image via
Predictdator BakkesMod plugin with green prediction trail. Image via

The mod is fairly simple, where you have the choice of adjusting the length and the color of the prediction trail. Give the Predictdator a try and you'll become the next Doctor Strange in predicting the future.

You can install the Predictdator plugin over here.

Hitbox Plugin

Another simple yet effective mode is the Hitbox Plugin. The mod shows you the three-dimensional outline of your hitbox. A hitbox is your body car type and there are six types in Rocket League, each with different dimensions. This means each hitbox, given the same game situation, will produce different results. With the plugin, you can practice your shot with your hitbox clearly visible. This will help with your car control and positioning, as well as increase your agility and accuracy.

Hitbox BakkesMod plugin with yellow Hitbox line. Image via
Hitbox BakkesMod plugin with yellow Hitbox line. Image via

You can install the Hitbox Plugin over here.


Have you ever lay on your bed at night, thinking, "I know I could've made the shot."

We've all been there.

The nightmare of a failed attempt at scoring or tackling a ball can be prevented with this time-traveling plugin. The mod allows you to travel to the past and correct your mistakes.

JumpInReplay BakkesMod plugins. Image via
JumpInReplay BakkesMod plugins. Image via

This plugin gives you the power to convert a replay into a private match where you can take control of any car at any point of the match. Now, you can practice as much as you want and you can go to sleep knowing all is right in the world.

You can install the JumpInReplay plugin over here.

Instant Suite

Finally, we have the Instant Suite plugin to elevate your Rocket League experience. It optimizes your gaming time with the option of Instant Queue, Instant Training, and Instant Exit. This means there's not a second wasted and that means more gaming hours!

You can also pre-choose which training map you want for the Instant Training, with the option of Random Maps for a more exciting and unpredictable gameplay experience. They also have AutoGG Support, where you will automatically wish the others Good Game before you hop off the game.

Instant Suite BakkesMod plugins. Image via
Instant Suite BakkesMod plugins. Image via

You can install the Instant Suite plugin over here.

There are definitely a lot more tools and you can check out more BakkesMod plugins over here. If you can utilize BakkesMod with its plugins together with Rocket League's own training tools, you will definitely see improvements in your gameplay and shine brightly on the field.

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