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How to play Speed Demon in Rocket League

Rocket League Speed Demon is coming back and we are here to help you fill your tank and overcome the fast demonic mode!

The first introduction of Rocket League to the world promised a soccer game with rocket-powered cars. So we already know that it is going to be a super high-tempo game with ridiculous speed and power. But as if Rocket League is not already rocket-fast, Psyonix has come out with another mode with faster cars and a faster ball. Speed Demon, accurate to its name, is bringing horror and adrenaline into the arena with a chaotic version of the game.

Speed Demon Rocket League. Image via Rocket League.
Speed Demon Rocket League. Image via Rocket League.

Do you want to go all crazy on mechanics, gameplay and speed in Rocket League? Speed Demon might be for you. In this guide, we'll tell you all you need to know about how to play Speed Demon.

What is Speed Demon?

Speed Demon is a limited-time mode first introduced in 2021, a week after the release of Season 4. It is a variant of Boomer Ball, another limited-time mode with a few tweaks. Both of these modes use mutators which are alternative presets that can be used to customize gameplay in Rocket League.

The mode brings a faster pace to a traditional 3v3 Rocket League. Mission of the game is the same — to score the most in a five-minute game. What is different in Speed Demon is the size of the ball, which is larger than the already-gigantic default ball. The ball is also lighter, moves at a fast speed, and has less bounciness. Furthermore, the boost is double the power with an unlimited supply. The game is fast and furious, with demolitions occurring on contact with a one-second respawn time.

When will Speed Demon be back in Rocket League?

We have last seen Speed Demon the first time it is released in August 2021. Since it uses mutators, the Rocket League community found a way to recreate the original Boomer Ball mode in the mutators settings. This leads to a lesser requests to bring the mode back into the game.

We will be updating the mutators settings for Speed Demon so stay tuned.

Speed Demon will be returning as a limited-time mode on February 1 2023 for Neon Nights ft Cochise. The mode will only last until February 7.

How to play Speed Demon Rocket League?

Here are the things you need to know before you rev your engine in Speed Demon:

  • The gameplay is almost the same as the classical one, except it is going to be at a faster pace with you having to react quickly without pause.
  • Speed Demon's ball is bigger and lighter, so it's going to feel a little bit different as you adjust to the new settings. It's going to take less power to bump into it and a more accurate shot to tackle the big ball, especially since the ball is also moving at a faster pace with less bounciness.
  • There are unlimited boosts with double the power. This means there will be no field rotation to gather the boost so the normal strategy of going back and forth are not applicable here. With unlimited power, it's all going to be about speed with more aerial play.
  • Demolitions occur on contact which means the arena is going to be a minefield. Fortunately, the respawn time is reduced to one second so you can quickly get back into action.

Tips and tricks to winning Speed Demon Rocket League

Speed Demon is not a tricky mode to play but it will definitely push your mechanical play and reaction time. Here are some tips and tricks to survive the mode:

  • Play 'The Floor Is Lava'. With the demolitions set to occur on contact, it is easier for you to be demolished. By staying off the field, you will lessen your chance of getting bumped.
  • Aerieal control is super valuable in this mode since you have unlimited boost. This is where you can get creative with your mechanics. Don't be afraid to go fast or go high.
  • The game will be super hectic where everyone with double the boost and the ball with double the power. It can be easy to be lost in the high-tempo moment but you can take a second to calculate your position during the game.
  • You have all the power to sprint to the other side to get the crazy last-minute saves that probably is impossible in the normal mode. Be quick and use the mode to train your reflexes and decision-making.
  • Remember, demolition is on-contact. This can be used to your advantage. You can go for the demo-only gameplay where you crash into everyone to make spaces for your teammates to score the goals.
  • Unfortunately, on-contact demolition can also be your downfall if your enemy goes for the demo-only gameplay. Demolitions will usually steal time and energy from the pursuer. You have to learn to make accurate dodges and ball passes so the ball control does not fall to the other side. Pass the ball if you are being targetted.

Speed Demon will return during Neon Nights 2023 on February 1 to February 7. Make sure to fill your tank and get ready for a high-tempo game full of power and speed. Stay tuned to for more Rocket League guides.