Mega Tyranitar Pokémon GO raid guide: best counters & more cover image

Mega Tyranitar Pokémon GO raid guide: best counters & more

Take down this powerful mega ‘mon.

Mega Tyranitar is back Pokémon GO raids between March 14 and March 21. Mega Tyranitar is a very powerful Mega Pokémon.

This powerful Pokémon is the number one Dark-type attacker in the game, and the third best Rock-type attacker. The non mega Tyranitar is also a very powerful Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Tyranitar is the best non-mega Dark-type 'mon sitting ahead of powerful legendaries like Darkrai.

That makes these Mega Raids very worthwhile to do. Having multiple Tyranitars in your storage is very strong, especially for legendaries that Dark-type Pokémon are effective against.

Best Mega Tyranitar counters in Pokémon GO:

As a dual Dark and Rock-type Pokémon Mega Tyranitar has a lot of weaknesses. Mega Tyranitar is weak to Grass, Fairy, Ground, Water, Bug and Steel-type Pokémon. However, Mega Tyranitar is also double weak to Fighting-type Pokémon.

That makes powerful Fighting-type Pokémon fantastic choices to take on this raid.

With that in mind, here are the best Mega Tyranitar counters in Pokémon GO:

Double Kick & Sacred Sword
Mega Blaziken
Counter & Focus Blast
Low Kick & Sacred Sword
Counter & Aura Sphere
Counter & Dynamic Punch
Counter & Dynamic Punch
Mega Alakazam
Counter & Focus Blast
Counter & Dynamic Punch
Low Kick & Flying Press
Double Kick & Sacred Sword
Double Kick & Sacred Sword
Hisuian Decidueye
Magical Leaf & Aura Sphere

As expected, this list is all Fighting-type Pokémon. Terrakion is by far the best Mega Tyranitar counter available in Pokémon GO right now.

There are some Pokémon on this list that should be very accessible. Conkeldurr, Hisuian Decidueye, and Lucario have all been available recently. Machamp and Hariyama are pretty common spawns too.

Mega Alakazam features on this list. However, you will need an Elite Fast TM to access Counter if you don't have that already.

Mega Evolutions to get you more Tyranitar candy in Pokémon GO

Mega Evolutions can help you get more candy and XL candy with every catch. Having a mega level 3 active that boosts candy for Dark and Rock-types will give you an extra 2 candy per catch, as well as a 25% bonus to your XL candy chance.

Here are the Pokémon you can Mega Evolve in Pokémon GO to get more Tyranitar Candy:

  • Gyrados
  • Aerodactyl
  • Houndoom
  • Tyranitar
  • Absol
  • Diancie

Gyarados and Diancie have moves that are good counters against Tyranitar. So, if you choose to Mega Evolve them they will be useful in the Raid as well as give you that all important additional Candy and Candy XL.

How many trainers do I need to beat Mega Tyranitar in Pokémon GO?

The 2x weakness to Fighting-type Pokémon makes Mega Tyranitar pretty easy to take down. A group as small as 2 or 3 high level trainers (especially with Party Play) will be able to win this Raid pretty comfortably.

For lower level trainers, a group of at least five should be sufficient to take Mega Tyranitar down.

Tyranitar Pokémon GO 100% IV

With Mega Tyranitar being so powerful in Pokémon GO, grabbing a 100% IV Tyranitar would be a great result. Here are the CP values to keep your eye out for when you finish your raid:

  • 2191 CP
  • 2739 CP (Weather Boosted)

Weather Effects:

Weather boost can help you save candy, get better IVs and benefit from power boosts on your team. Here are the weather effects to keep an eye on when taking on these raids.

Partly Cloudy
The Tyranitar you encounter will be a higher CP.
Mega Tyranitar's Rock-type moves will be boosted.
Your Fighting-type Pokémon's moves will be boosted.
The Tyranitar you encounter will be a higher CP.
Mega Tyranitar's Dark-type moves will be boosted.

Now, with Mega Tyranitar having so many weaknesses, there is a lot of weathers that will impact your battle. However, Foggy, Partly Cloudy and Cloudy weather will all make a difference when you fight this Raid.

If you're in a small group or have lower level Pokémon, Cloudy weather is your best bet to take this raid down.

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