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Best Damage heroes in Overwatch 2

It can be a difficult decision to choose the five best Damage heroes in Overwatch 2, but has you covered.

Overwatch 2 had its fair share of hiccups at launch, but now that things are in working order, over 25 million players have taken to the sequel. A lot of them are new to the franchise and are still learning the ropes. This has them trying out each role to determine what playstyle suits them best. Many have flocked to the DPS role and are interested in discovering the best Damage heroes in Overwatch 2.

The Damage hero category is the most abundant in the game. The other roles currently have 10 or less heroes while Damage has a whopping 17. While there is plenty of diversity, their jobs are all the same. Damage heroes are meant to deal damage, plain and simple. A handful of them just do it so much better than the rest.

Top 5 Damage heroes in Overwatch 2

5) Widowmaker

Widowmaker is best used at long-ranges (Image via
Widowmaker is best used at long-ranges (Image via
  • Widow's Kiss: Primary-fire for an automatic assault weapon. Hold alt-fire for it to become a scoped sniper.
  • Grappling Hook: Grapple to a surface and be pulled forward.
  • Venom Mine: Send out a poisonous gas trap.
  • Infra-Sight (Ultimate): Deliver the entire team a view of the enemy team's locations, including through walls.

Windowmaker is one of the original heroes of Overwatch. She maintains her unmatched abilities in OW2. The only reason she isn't higher on the list is because she isn't a hero that new players can just pick up and master. You'll need impeccable aim to make this long-ranged menace work.

Outside of that, her kit pretty much does it all itself. She can hold chokepoints or watch her own back with the Venom Mine. She can take down enemies with large health pools in one shot. And she can gain the high ground while providing her team valuable information. That's what makes her one of the best Damage heroes in Overwatch 2.

4) Tracer

Tracer players should stay mobile at all times (Image via
Tracer players should stay mobile at all times (Image via
  • Pulse Pistols: Dual-wielded automatic pistols.
  • Blink: Teleport a short distance forward.
  • Recall: Rewind to a previous location and regain health.
  • Pulse Bomb (Ultimate): Send out a sticky explosive.

Tracer is essentially the face of the franchise. She graced the cover of the first Overwatch and has been a fan-favorite since it launched in May 2016. Things are a bit different in Overwatch 2, but Tracer is still a major nuisance to enemies in the right hands.

She is extremely hard to stop with her speedy abilities and easy-to-use weaponry. Newcomers will have a blast zipping around the map with her and annoying the opposition. Whether it is a head-on assault or a flanking opportunity, Tracer is about as useful as they come.

3) Sombra

Sombra is great at setting her team up for success (Image via
Sombra is great at setting her team up for success (Image via
  • Machine Pistol: A short-ranged automatic SMG.
  • Hack: Hack an enemy to prevent ability usage or hack a health pack to prevent enemies from using it.
  • Stealth: Become invisible and gain a speed boost.
  • Translocator: Send out a beacon to use it as a teleportation point.
  • Opportunist (Passive): Deal extra damage to hacked targets and see critically damaged opponents through walls.
  • EMP (Ultimate): Deal damage equal to 40% in an area of effect, hack caught enemies, and destroy any nearby barriers.

Sombra is one of several heroes who received a redesign in the new game. The change quickly saw her rise up the ranks in terms of the best Damage heroes in Overwatch 2. There isn't anyone better to disrupt an entire team's game plan than Sombra.

There's still something to be desired individually, but her hacks can devastate the opposing team's strongest heroes. Couple that with invisibility to help gain positioning and intel and you've got a supporting DPS character that will leave enemies raging.

2) Genji

Genji is a masterful ninja and should be played like it (Image via
Genji is a masterful ninja and should be played like it (Image via
  • Shuriken: Primary-fire to throw a burst or alt-fire to throw a fan of three shuriken projectiles.
  • Deflect: Block melee attacks and deflect projectiles in the direction of the crosshair.
  • Swift Strike: Dash forward and slash enemies to deal damage. Eliminations allow it to be used in succession.
  • Cyber-Agility (Passive): Double jump and be able to climb walls.
  • Dragonblade (Ultimate): Unsheathe a sword and deliver massive melee damage.

Genji is a nightmare to play against. DPS players will have a field day with this ninja if insane speed and unforgiving damage is what they're looking for. Overwatch 2 has a distinct lack of stunning and crowd-control capabilities across the board. That opens up any map to make it Genji's playground.

Much like Tracer, his mobility allows him the chance to lead the charge or sneak up from behind. His Deflect gives him some needed defensive skills and his shuriken weapons will chip away at even the tankiest foes. If you can get in close with Genji, you're all but guaranteed a few eliminations.

1) Sojourn

Sojourn can outgun just about any hero in Overwatch 2 (Image via
Sojourn can outgun just about any hero in Overwatch 2 (Image via
  • Railgun: Primary-fire for an automatic rifle that generates and stores energy. Alt-fire for a single-shot that grows in power with more energy stored.
  • Power Slide: Ground slide and use the ability again for a high jump.
  • Disruptor Shot: Send out an orb of energy that slows and damages enemies caught in its area of effect.
  • Overclock (Ultimate): Railgun energy charges automatically for a short time. Charged single-shots pierce opponents.

Sojourn is the newest Damage hero in Overwatch 2. She was revealed as part of the promotion leading to the game's release and has had no problem rising to the top of the category. Think of her as a mix between Soldier: 76 and the number five hero, Widowmaker.

Her weapon is a hitscan weapon, meaning there is no bullet delay. The shot will land as soon as the click happens. The automatic energy rifle does immense damage on its own, but just seems unfair with the powered up single-shot waiting in the wings. Then that powerful shot becomes reusable with her Ultimate ability. Anyone should be able to hog the killfeed with Sojourn, giving her the top spot on this list of the best Damage heroes in Overwatch 2.

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