Copies of the original Overwatch are being destroyed at GameStop cover image

Copies of the original Overwatch are being destroyed at GameStop

Original copies of Overwatch are being destroyed, meaning your own hard copy may be a collector’s item in the near future.

GameStop is allegedly destroying remaining copies of Overwatch.

Overwatch 2 dropped on October 4, bringing with it a few new heroes, maps, and game modes. Still, some players mourned the death of Overwatch 1, since Blizzard surprised the community by saying servers would be shut down when it was previously stated that there'd be cross-play between both Overwatch games.

Competitive players were shocked again when an Overwatch streamer revealed that players' ranked histories were being erased permanently. Only the last six competitive seasons remain.

Now, Blizzard is attempting to make Overwatch even more obsolete. Soon, Overwatch 1 will just be a distant memory.

TikTok video shows GameStop employees destroying Overwatch discs

In a TikTok video made by GameStop employee ksihinata, it was revealed that management had informed staff via email to "destroy" all copies of Overwatch for every console.

This seemed rather harsh to some in the Overwatch community, although others saw it as a positive — their own hard copies of Overwatch 1 were becoming a collector's item. The video has gained over 85,000 views, with many players feeling nostalgic about the original game.

Overwatch 2 got off to a rocky start thanks to a series of DDoS attacks and other server issues. Since then, the servers have been shut down multiple times in order to improve queue times and make servers more stable.