Here are all of the solutions for Season 6 plus the list of rewards.

Are you ready to take on another season of Invasion Mode? Read on for the Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion Klues Season 6 solutions!

Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion Mode Klues Season 6 solutions

A Warrior's DeathLiving ForestUse Goro's Prince of Pain Kameo fatality
And More BladesFlesh PitsUse Baraka's Bleeding Blade attack
Btural Hbdiry Tarkatan ColonyUse any Mileena brutality
Dragon ChaserFlesh PitsHit three enemies with Liu Kang's enhanced and regular Dragon Tail attack
From the ShadowsSun Do FestivalUse Smoke's Hazed and Infused fatality
Jade RequirementsLiving ForestUse Back Kick
Naf Naf RampartUse Kitana's Fan Toss attack
Organs TrailLiving ForestUse Havik's Seeking Neoplasm attack
Pet FoodRampartUse Li Mei's Roman Candle fatality
Recihtr Alecs Fire TempleUse Jax's Ground Pound attack
ReflectionFlesh PitsUse Mileena's Fatal Blow attack
Ring A Ding DingFire TempleUse Sonya's Energy Rings attack
Snowball FightTarkatan ColonyUse any Sub-Zero brutality
Throw $3000RampartUse Johnny Cage's Throwing Shade attack
Kitana versus Mileena (Image via NetherRealm Studios)
Kitana versus Mileena (Image via NetherRealm Studios)

MK1 Invasions Mode Season 6 Klue rewards

  1. A Warrior's Death: Herbal Tea rare konsumable, Steadfast Gavial Tanya palette, 250 seasonal kredits
  2. And More Blades: Black Smoke Smoke skin, Amulet of Lost Souls rare konsumable, 250 seasonal kredits
  3. Btural Hbdiry: Blood Lime uncommon konsumable, 250 seasonal kredits
  4. Dragon Chaser: Translucency Field legendary konsumable, Chaos Basilisk Havik palette, 250 seasonal kredits
  5. From The Shadows: Trash Talker rare relic, Steadfast Herptile Raiden palette, 50 seasonal kredits
  6. Jade Requirements: Poison Drip epic talisman, 250 seasonal kredits
  7. Naf Naf: Toxic Atmosphere epic talisman, Sorcerer of Light Quan Chi palette, 250 seasonal kredits
  8. Organs Trail: Python Kommander General Shao skin, Flying Ace Kombat rare relic, 100 seasonal kredits
  9. Pet Food: Back Atcha rare relic, Clutch of Shows Ermac palette, 250 seasonal kredits
  10. Recihtr Alecs: Blind Ambition Kenshi skin, God Wave epic talisman, 100 seasonal kredits
  11. Reflection: One Punch epic relic, Ophidian Empress Sindel palette, 250 seasonal kredits
  12. Ring A Ding Ding: Spitting Cobra Nitara skin, Sacrifice epic relic, 100 seasonal kredits
  13. Snowball Fight: Blood Lime uncommon konsumable, Royal Reptiloid Kitana palette, 250 seasonal kredits
  14. Throw $3000: Apex Predator Reptile skin, Blood Klassic uncommon konsumable, 250 seasonal kredits

In Mortal Kombat 1, Invasions Mode is a single-player game mode featuring a map that looks similar to a board game. Upon entering this game mode, you can complete some challenges to unlock skins, in-game currency, and other content. Just like previous seasons, in order to progress through the trail, you must solve some Season 6 Klues and defeat enemies through specific methods.

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