Ready to explore the Star Wars: Hunters Season 1 Arena Pass?

Star Wars: Hunters has its own official Arena Pass for Season 1. Similar to a Battle Pass, the Arena Pass features various different rewards, including skins, cosmetics and more.

Here are all the Star Wars: Hunters Season 1 Arena Pass rewards, including how to purchase the pass and more.

Star Wars: Hunters Season 1 Arena Pass rewards

The Arena Pass features 80 tiers for players to unlock. To do so, players will need to gain XP by playing Star Wars: Hunters.

The Season 1 Arena Pass has multiple unlockable skins, which some players can get for free without even purchasing the Battle Pass. Some of these skins, however, are just costumes for skins already included in the game.

Every skin and costume in the Star Wars: Hunters Season 1 Arena Pass:

  • Aran Tal
  • Ghostly Apprentice
  • Rosy Salvagers
  • Twilight Racer
  • Incinerator Trooper
  • Prematch Parader
  • Cherry Programmer
  • Endor Fortification
  • Alliance Veteran
  • Raised Stakes
  • Camo Commander
  • Arena Champion

The Arena Pass also includes various Victory Poses, Weapon Wraps and more.

How to purchase the Season 1 Arena Pass

For some, just taking the free skins from the Arena Pass is enough. Others, though, will want to purchase the entire Premium Season 1 Arena Pass.

Currently, the Season 1 Arena Pass costs $10.00 USD. Players looking to purchase the Arena Pass will have to do so within the game.

When will the Arena Pass end?

Luckily, gamers will have some time before the Season 1 Arena Pass ends. The Arena Pass officially ends on August 1, 2024.

Players will have around two months to purchase and complete the Arena Pass, considering the game released on June 4, 2024.

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