Can PC gamers play Star Wars: Hunters?

Trying to play the new popular Star Wars shooter game? Star Wars: Hunters has become a hit since its release on June 4, 2024, but many gamers are wondering if they can play the game on PC. With high-end graphics and advanced gameplay, you'd surely think a PC would support such a game, right?

So is the game PC-compatible?

Can you play Star Wars: Hunters on PC?

The biggest question of the day is whether or not the popular Star Wars: Hunters game is available on PC. In short, no, you cannot play Star Wars: Hunters on PC.

The game is only available on mobile and Nintendo Switch, meaning those looking to download the game will have to do so by heading to their phone's app store.

The popular shooting and fighting game has gained quite a bit of attention since its release, and many are flocking to their phones to download the title. While almost everyone has a phone, the player base for a game like Star Wars: Hunters will ultimately take a dive due to not being available on major platforms such as PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

Still, if you have a mobile device or a Nintendo Switch, you will need to download Star Wars: Hunters. The game is a perfect match for Star Wars fans, bringing your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away to you.

Will Star Wars: Hunters be the next big thing?

It is unlikely that a game like Star Wars: Hunters will become the next big game. Unfortunately, the game being only on mobile sets a lot of limits for itself, preventing the title from flourishing. Lower FPS rates, smaller screens and more are reasons why the game might never move to a higher status.

Still, though, games in the past that were predicted to fail pushed through. You never know with Star Wars: Hunters.

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