There are plenty of ranked rewards you can earn in Star Wars: Hunters Season 1 if you want to test your might in the arena.

As you play through Star Wars: Hunters, you'll eventually unlocked the ranked mode and gain access to all of the rewards it has to offer.

The better you perform in-game, the more ranked points you'll earn towards ranking up. Progress through the ranks and you'll earn the rewards.

Every ranked rewards for Star Wars: Hunters Season 1

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There are ranks from Bronzium to Kyber, each with three different tiers. Some ranks give you multiple rewards for reaching them, while others just give you one.

We've got you covered with all of the Star Wars: Hunters Season 1 ranked rewards, so you know if the grind is worth the effort:

  • Bronzium III: Aran Bronzium Avatar
  • Bronzium II: 250 Credits
  • Bronzium I: 25 Crystals
  • Chromium III: Aran Chromium Avatar and 250 Credits
  • Chromium II: 25 Crystals
  • Chromium I: Master Saber Design Weapon Wrap
  • Aurodium III: Aran Aurodium Avatar and 350 Credits
  • Aurodium II: 35 Crystals
  • Aurodium I: Grand Master Costume
  • Beskar III: Aran Beskar Avatar and 350 Credits
  • Beskar II: 35 Crystals
  • Beskar I: Aurodium Champion Weapon Wrap
  • Kyber III: Aran Kyber Avatar and 500 Credits
  • Kyber II: 50 Crystals
  • Kyber I: Aurodium Conqueror Costume

You'll get your hands on plenty of in-game and premium currency, along with some cosmetic items. These let you show off that you're the best of the best in Star Wars: Hunters Season 1.

When does Star Wars: Hunters Season 1 end?

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You can go by an in-game timer to determine when Star Wars: Hunters Season 1 ends, marking the last moments you can earn any of the listed ranked rewards.

At the time of publication, the countdown shows 57 days and 21 hours remaining. That puts the end time at August 1, 2024 at 7 a.m. PT. Of course, this could always change if the developers deem an extension is necessary.

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