The bunny mage and her quirks.

League of Legends champion #168, Aurora, is almost here. Check out all of the revealed Aurora skills and find out exactly how they work here.

Aurora, The Witch Between Worlds

League of Legends' newest champion Aurora is designed to be a mobile mage. Primarily, she's geared towards being a mid-laner first and a top-laner second.

League of Legends Aurora splash art (Image via Riot Games)
League of Legends Aurora splash art (Image via Riot Games)

She has a three-hit passive that gives her healing and stacking movement speed the more she triggers it throughout the game. Aurora's Q is her bread-and-butter ability for wave clear, poke, and damage.

Meanwhile, W is a defensive spell that allows her to reposition safely or run away from danger. E provides Aurora with area-of-effect (AoE) damage and slow to allow her and her teammates to hit spells on enemies more reliably.

Last, but not least, is her Ultimate. This is by far the most interesting part of Aurora's kit. It spawns a massive circle (bigger than Redemption) that slows enemies inside. When Aurora touches the edge of it, she is teleported to the opposite side of the circle. When enemies collide with the edge, they are slightly pulled toward the center.

Aurora skills

The Aurora skills below do not have exact scalings yet. The specific scalings may change throughout her run on the public beta environment (PBE), but the general descriptions of the abilities are already available.

Passive - Spirit Abjuration

Wayward spirits are drawn to Aurora.

If Aurora damages an enemy 3 times with her spells and attacks, she will perform an exorcism, dealing a percentage of the enemy’s max health as magic damage and freeing a spirit that will empower her healing every second and enter Spirit Mode, granting additional movement speed for a short duration.

For every additional spirit following Aurora, her bonus movement speed will increase.

Q - Twofold Hex

Aurora fires a blast of cursed energy in a direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and marking them with spirit energy.

Recast: Aurora ends the curse, drawing back in the spirit energy to herself, dealing magic damage to enemies passed through based on their missing health.

W - Across the Veil

Aurora hops in a direction.

Upon landing, Aurora enters the spirit realm, becoming invisible and entering Spirit Mode for a short duration.

Takedowns on enemy champions within 3 seconds of damaging them will reset the cooldown of Across the Veil.

E - The Weirding

Aurora unlocks a window to the spirit realm, which sends out a blast of spirit magic, dealing magic damage in an area and applies a decaying slow over a short duration.

The force of the blast knocks Aurora back slightly.

R - Between Worlds

Aurora unlocks a rift to the spirit realm, sending out a pulse of spirit energy that deals magic damage and slows enemies hit.

The area merges with the spirit realm for a short duration, giving Aurora an empowered Spirit Mode doubling her bonuses while she’s in it, and allowing her to travel from one end of the area to the other by crossing the threshold.

Any enemies attempting to cross the threshold are slowed after being pushed back toward the center of the area.

Aurora can recast this ability to end the effect early.

Aurora will be available on live servers on July 17, 2024 with LoL patch 14.14.