Here’s all you need to know about Aurora in League of Legends.

Riot Games and League of Legends confirmed suspicions regarding Aurora, the newest champion. The Aurora teaser was made public with the League of Legends patch 14.11 update.

You can now see for yourself a snippet of Aurora's lore. "The Spirit of the Hearth-Home" interactive comic can be viewed on your League of Legends client now.

Aurora Champion Teaser

Speculations within the LoL community began when assets featuring Aurora were leaked. Now, she makes a more official appearance. The Aurora champion teaser is in the form of an interactive comic, telling the story of how she barged into the Hearth-Home.

It tells the story of how Ornn tolerates her in his abode and even considers her close to a friend. We also see a third, previously unseen creature of Runeterra, accompanying Aurora. As she strode unwelcome into Ornn's library, she eventually learns that her companion is a "Haestryr."

Now, onto the confirmed speculations. Aurora was mentioned by name in the interactive comic, confirming the initially datamined codename for the event rewards.

What we do know, however, is her heritage. She definitely has vastayan blood, similar to other champions with animal features like Xayah, Sett, and Ahri. This is evident in her bunny-like ears. She is also a mage, and she wields a magic wand made by the Forge God himself.

Aurora in League of Legends

All of this aligns with the previously teased details that she will be a "mid-range-mage solo-laner." It seems that the previously announced Champion roadmap was also followed, as she comes directly after Smolder as champion #198.

The soonest we can see Aurora in action is on June 12, 2024. This is the next update to the PBE server. We can, however, see more content teasing and featuring Aurora in the days prior. If she does go live on the PBE server on June 12, then she will be on live servers two weeks after, on June 26 with the LoL patch 14.13 update.