Here’s how to fix the System Error Crash Dump and get back to LoL!

The System Error Crash Dump notification can show up for a variety of reasons in League of Legends, here's why it's happening and how to fix it.

The System Error Crash Dump notification has two pretty consistent causes, so if it's been repeatedly happening to you during your games or is just preventing you from getting into one, we have the solutions. Here's everything you need to know about this particular error.

What is the System Error Crash Dump?

The System Error Crash Dump error is a generic term for a few foibles in the code that can lead to the League of Legends game client or game process crashing. This issue is on the client side, unlike server issues, so you have the agency to fix it.

The two most common causes are an issue with corrupted data in your LoL files, or possibly an errant Firewall. In essence, either something in the files on your machine is interfering with the game, or your firewall is stopping the game from being able to communicate with the server properly. For either of these, the solution is luckily straightforward.

How to fix it

Here's the most reliable fix for the System Error Crash Dump error.

  • Use your Task Manager to close all instances of the Riot Games launcher and any League of Legends programs
  • Go into your League of Legends program files and delete the Config and Data folders. The string for this on Windows by default is Program Files > League of Legends.
  • Launch your League of Legends client and click the gear in the top right
  • In the General tab of your settings, select the Repair option. If this option doesn't appear, your game version is up to date and you should be fine.
  • If this doesn't work, make sure League of Legends is being allowed through your Firewall, as this error can also be caused by firewall issues.

That's everything you need to know about this annoying error code, with any luck you'll be back to League of Legends in no time.

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