Here’s our guide on how to fix the error.

If you're trying to log in to League of Legends and keep getting Error 7, here's why you're getting it and the best way to fix it.

Error 7 is one of League of Legends' many errors, but unlike a lot of them, the solution isn't necessarily in your hands. If the error is getting in your way from accessing League of Legends, this article will get you up to speed on why it's happening and how it can be remedied.

What is Error 7 in League of Legends?

Error 7 is an error code that indicates that Riot Games' League of Legends login servers are currently overloaded. Either that, or facing some kind of technical issue that's bottlenecking the login process. Notably, this error is different from errors that indicate the League of Legends servers are down for maintenance. This is specific to the server being online, but unable to process the login request from your computer's League of Legends client due to volume.

Taliyah (Image via Riot Games)
Taliyah (Image via Riot Games)

If the servers are working properly during high-density login times, you should be put into a queue. This should be a popup that displays your approximate place and the expected time it will take to log in. If you're getting this error, then the queue system likely isn't working.

How to fix Error 7

The problem with this error is that it's an issue with Riot Games' server. So, unlike some errors, there's not necessarily a solution that will work every time. The first thing to do is to shut down all instances of League of Legends and the Riot Games launcher. Then restart them and try to log in again.

Error 7 doesn't necessarily indicate that the servers are down. But since it can, you can always check your server's status on Riot Games' server status page. You'll just have to keep regularly restarting the program and retrying until you either log in or the queue system works.

That's all there is to know about the error. Hopefully, you'll be back on Summoner's Rift and the Howling Abyss soon.

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