Error 1B getting in your way? It’s not your fault or Riot’s, but here’s how you can try to solve it.

If you're trying to play League of Legends and Error 1B is stopping you from connecting, here's why and how to fix it.

League of Legends has no shortage of bugs, most of them concerning the game's client from which players enter League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. If you're trying to connect to the League of Legends servers as you're launching and Error 1B is getting in the way, here's why.

Cassiopeia (Image via Riot Games)
Cassiopeia (Image via Riot Games)

How to fix Error 1B

Error 1B isn't like many other League of Legends errors, which are caused by an issue on the PC or with Riot's servers. It's mostly caused by bad internet service. For the most part, Error 1B isn't your fault or Riot's. It's something going wrong with your internet service provider's ability to ferry information back and forth between you and the servers. If this is the case, your only solution is to either swap to another internet connection or to wait. It's not a satisfying answer, but this is one of the few League of Legends errors where the most likely remedy is just time.

Other solutions

Waiting for hours to play League of Legends isn't a tempting thought, but there's one more thing you can try. Locate the League of Legends program file and run it with administrator privileges. This can be done by right-clicking the League of Legends program and selecting the "Run As Administrator" function. If you're struggling to find the file, the default path on Windows should be Programs\Riot Games\League of Legends.

If the problem persists for longer than a couple hours, it can be worthwhile reaching out to your ISP directly in order to inquire about the ongoing issues. Reaching out to Riot's player support likely won't help, as Riot can't do anything about Error 1B most of the time. However, if you've exhausted every other option, you can compile your League of Legends files into a zip file with the Hextech Repair Tool and send it to Riot support for help.

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