How to fix “Unexpected error with the login session” LoL error cover image

How to fix “Unexpected error with the login session” LoL error

Unexpected error in the login session? Here’s the solution.

If you're trapped behind a popup in League of Legends that says "Unexpected error with the login session," we've got you covered. Here's how to fix it.

League of Legends' client is well-known for being a rather buggy affair even at the best of times. One of the most frustrating errors is the one that reads "Unexpected error with the login session," popping up after a player has tried to fire up League of Legends from the Riot Games Launcher. It's a pretty straightforward error most of the time, but there are a couple solutions that could solve it.

How to fix "Unexpected error with login session"

The error itself is straightforward, signaling a miscommunication between the player's session and Riot's servers. However, this bug has been around for several years and by now has an easy-to-follow triage system.

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

First things first, try Riot Games' recommended approach.

  • Press Alt+F4 while the League of Legends client is still up
  • Select the 'Sign Out' option rather than the 'Exit' option
  • Press Control+Alt+Delete to bring up Task Manager
  • Use the End Process function to close all currently active instances of the Riot Games Launcher, RiotClientServices.exe, and LeagueofLegends.exe
  • Reopen League of Legends through the Riot Games launcher and log back in

Other ways to fix

Throughout the years, many fans have found that Riot's recommended bug solution doesn't work for them.

Some players have found that changing their DNS server is what fixed their problem. If you don't know what a DNS server is, or how to change it, there are plenty of resources for taking this step easily.

Other players have found that the language setting on their League of Legends client will have changed without authorization right before the bug is first encountered. If this is the case, try to revert or change your language settings and then relaunch the client to see if it works.

Finally, enabling or disabling a VPN has also worked for some League of Legends players. If you've been using a VPN, try accessing the client without it active. If none of the other solutions have panned out, it can be worth trying a VPN to see if this solves it after nothing else works.

That's everything we know about how to fix the "Unexpected error with the login session" error in League of Legends. Hopefully you're back to Summoner's Rift and Howling Abyss with ease.