Kazakusan Hearthstone Treasures Tier List. Dominate the most powerful card of the Miniset cover image

Kazakusan Hearthstone Treasures Tier List. Dominate the most powerful card of the Miniset

Kazakusan has been dominating Hearthstone’s meta since the Miniset came out, learn how to pick the right treasures with this Tier List.

Kazakusan has completely changed Hearthstone meta with its treasures, and today we are going to make a Tier List. The most popular card of Hearthstone’s last miniset can be game-winning if you choose wisely. If you are a Hearthstone fan, you will need this Kazakusan Treasure Tier List!

Kazakusan in the Hearthstone Miniset meta

Soon after the Miniset release, Hearthstone players realized the Kazakusan’s power level due to its treasures. Today, Kazakusan is the most popular card in the ladder, and it's present in over 25% of the decks according to HSReplay’s data.

What are the best picks? Well for that we have this Kazakusan Treasure Tier List, for you to dominate the Hearthstone meta. Of course, this tier list is not set in stone, and it might not fit every situation, but we will give you the tools to adapt to different scenarios.

Kasakusan Treasures Tier List

Tier S: The best of the best

At the top of the Tier List, are Kazakusan’s most overpowered treasures. These are insta-picks in every situation and might be even game-winning on their own.

<strong>Dr. Boom’s Boombox</strong>
Dr. Boom’s Boombox
<strong>Pure Cold</strong>
Pure Cold
<strong>Annoy-o Horn</strong>
Annoy-o Horn
<strong>Embers of Ragnaros</strong>
Embers of Ragnaros
<strong>Book of the Dead</strong>
Book of the Dead
<strong>Wax Rager</strong>
Wax Rager

As you can see, all these treasures have something in common. They can be divided into two categories, direct damage and board generation. Both types of treasures are amazing in every late-game scenario. Furthermore, these treasures are good on their own, they don’t need any other cards or synergies.

Tier A: Almost at the top of Kazakusan's Treasures Tier List

In the second step of this Kazakusan’s treasure Tier list, we find good and powerful treasures too, but they are a bit more situational. You might need to think about their relative value in your current position and adjust it also to your opponent’s game plan.

<strong>Canopic Jars</strong>
Canopic Jars
<strong>Ancient Reflections</strong>
Ancient Reflections
<strong>Wand of Disintegration</strong>
Wand of Disintegration
<strong>Staff of Scales</strong>
Staff of Scales
<strong>Looming Presence</strong>
Looming Presence
<strong>Gnomish Army Knife</strong>
Gnomish Army Knife

These Tier A treasures are incredibly powerful in particular circumstances. The ability to buff or make your board resilient from AOE can be game-changing. However, you need to have minions on board for those treasures to be good.

On top of these buffs, in this bucket, we can find the most powerful removal the game has seen at 5 mana, and an efficient card draw option to get to your incredible treasures fast enough.

Tier B: Still good, still good

Going down this Kasakusan Treasure Tier List we can find the not-so-impactful options in this metagame. These treasures can sometimes help, but can’t compare with the previous ones mentioned because of their power level.

<strong>Crusty the Crustacean</strong>
Crusty the Crustacean
<strong>Banana Split</strong>
Banana Split
<strong>Clockwork Assistant</strong>
Clockwork Assistant
<strong>Puzzle Box</strong>
Puzzle Box

In this bucket, we find treasures that can help given the situation. You might be able to identify scenarios where they could be useful. For example, if you realize that you need extra removal or buffs. However, they shouldn't be your first option.

Tier C

We are approaching the end of the Tier List, but it’s important to know every category not to be tempted and choose the wrong Kazakusan Treasures.

<strong>Blade of Quel’Delar</strong>
Blade of Quel’Delar
<strong>Hilt of Quel’Delar</strong>
Hilt of Quel’Delar
<strong>Vampiric Fangs</strong>
Vampiric Fangs
<strong>The Exorcisor</strong>
The Exorcisor
<strong>Holy Book</strong>
Holy Book

Ideally, you don’t want any of these treasures. You might be tempted to build Quel’Delar, but bear in mind that if you don’t get one of its parts on the first two discovers, it is highly unlikely that you succeed. The removal in this Tier is sketchy at least and can help in some extreme situations, but there are much better options.

Tier D: Stop

Finally, the “why do we call these cards treasures” category. Avoid them, at all costs. If you are offered three of them in one discovery, consider yourself cursed by Yogg Saron.

<strong>Mutating Injection</strong>
Mutating Injection
<strong>Necrotic Poison </strong>(2 mana)
Necrotic Poison (2 mana)
<strong>Beastly Beauty</strong>
Beastly Beauty
<strong>Grimmer Patron</strong>
Grimmer Patron

No, these cards aren’t worth it for a superb player like you. Maybe you can find them useful once a season, but most likely you would have been just good or even better with any other option.

Kazakusan Treasure Tier List conclusions

After this analysis, we can conclude a couple of things. In the current metagame being able to race your opponent is crucial to close-up games. Given enough time, most decks will find a way to kill you from hand or pressure you out of removals. Be faster than your opponent.

The general metagame might change, but in simple terms:

  • Board generation and Damage = Goooood
  • Buffs and premium removal = Maaaayy be
  • Situational cards = Bad

With this rule of thumb, you will be able to navigate the Hearthstone Miniset meta like a true expert. The one thing you can add to this Kazakusan Treasure Tier List is to think about how the treasures synergize with the cards you have in hand.

It’s not a secret that Druid is the best Kazakusan class. Most of it is for its incredible ramp capabilities, but also, Druid spells go hand in hand with the most powerful treasures. Take that into consideration too.

This is all for now, stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and guides. See you next time, in the tavern.