Here’s how to outsmart the Hearthstone META with these 4 Decks cover image

Here’s how to outsmart the Hearthstone META with these 4 Decks

Do you feel like Hearthstone meta is solved, or are you tired of losing to the same four decks on the ladder? Check out this article to find out the best counters for the archetypes you face most often.

Hearthstone meta hasn’t changed much despite the recent nerfs, and this might feel boring to some. This might happen because you end up facing (and losing) to the same decks or because you don’t discover any new decks. Don’t worry, at we got you covered.

Thanks to Tian Ding, Data Scientist at Blizzard, we could get a sneak peek into the best stats available for reading Hearthstone’s Meta. This time we were able to get a ton of information about the win rates and match-ups for the four most popular decks.

This much information about Hearthstone meta could be overwhelming, so let’s start by stating that the most four popular decks right now on high legend are:

  • Quest Big Warlock
  • Aggro-Shadow Priest
  • Garrote Rouge
  • Quest Shaman

At the same time, these decks are a great part of Hearthstone’s competitive meta, both at GrandMasters and Masters Tour Qualifiers. So at this time, you have two paths, join the pack or more interestingly, try to counter them! Here you have some good options to take Hearthstone’s meta by assault.

Hearthstone anti-meta Decks

Poison Rogue

Deck Code: AAECAaIHAtXUA8X5Aw6qywP31APi3QPn3QPz3QOp6wOq6wOs6wOt6wOO9AOh9AOSnwSUnwT3nwQA

Dust Cost: 4260

This aggressive rogue deck has been performing very well on Hearthstone’s ladder. The main reason for its success is that this archetype preys on Questline Warlocks, Garrote Rouges, and Questline Shamans. 

As most Rogue decks through Hearthstone’s history, Poison or Weapon Rouge is not a linear deck to pilot. The key cards for Weapon Rouge, as you may guess, are the weapons, especially the Swinetusk Shank. In every scenario, you hard mulligan for them.

The game plan is simple: equip the infinite weapon, buff infinite weapon, and smack them in the head. One-third of the deck is card-draw, so once you have your first weapon and Silverleaf Poison online, you shouldn’t have problems finding the burst to close the game.

Some Tips: Don’t be afraid to trade in the early game against board-centric decks. Once you have buffed your weapon, try to set up 2 or 3 turn lethals counting on Cloak of Shadows to buy you the time needed. Also, try to dodge Aggro-Shadow Priests, it’s a very hard match-up.

Poison Rouge Deck
Poison Rouge Deck

Combo Hunter

Deck Code: AAECAR8E97sDj+MD5e8D5/ADDfm6A/+6A6LOA4LQA/HeA4biA5bjA4/kA+rpA5/sA/DsA5T8A6mfBAA=

Dust Cost: 8630

If you are more into off-meta Hearthstone Decks, you should definitely try this Combo/Rhino Hunter. This is Funki Monki’s list, and it revolves around buffing your Trampling Rhinos and combine them with Devouring Swarm for extra attacks, turning into an OTK deck.

This Hunter archetype found a place in Hearthstone’s meta primarily feeding on Garrote Rouges, Questline Shamans, and even Quest Warlocks. Sharing core cards with Face Hunter, the surprise factor plays a big role in boosting this archetype’s winrate.

The way to go is to buff Trampling Rhino with the many mechanics available. Scavegers’s Ingenuity, Don’t Feed the Animals, Scrap Shot, and Warsong Wrangler can almost triple the Rhino’s stats. Once you have a decent size Rhino, you can use Devouring Swarm to make it attack multiple times and deliver a lethal blow.

Some considerations: You have a combo finisher, but you don’t have many came-back mechanics, so try to stay at least even on board. If you are facing decks that don’t play minions, you can use Terrorguard Escapee to your advantage, summoning tokens on the opposite side of the board, and in the same turn rushing the Rhino into them. Also, remember that if you use Resizing Pouch with no mana left, there is a 75% chance you can get an extra Devouring Swarm.

Combo Hunter Decklist
Combo Hunter Decklist

Control Warrior

Deck Code: AAECAQcOwLkD9sID+cIDs8wD+84Dk9ADq9QDleQD4OUDj+8Dpu8DlfYD+IAEiKAECPfUA7beA5LkA47tA4/tA8b1A5b2A4mgBAA=

Dust Cost: 7200

Some players say control is dead, but no matter how I would like this to be true, it’s not. Control Warrior could thrive in some pocket Hearthstone metas, especially if you manage to dodge the unwinnable match-ups against Quest Warlock and Quest Shaman.

So if you are tired of losing against Garrote Rogue, Aggro-Shadow Priest, and Face Hunter, you can get your hands in this Control Warrior and secure an easy 80% winrate. However, not everything that shines is gold. If you happen to be paired against Quest Decks, such as Warlocks, Shaman, or Mages, you will be lucky to pull up a win.

There is not much science in this list, to be honest, the most interesting part for me when playing this deck is hitting the play button and see how well do I do on Rock-Paper-Scissors. On the other hand, I know many people that wouldn’t mind conceding against combo decks as long as they can torture some aggro players. There are many kinds of players, and there is a Hearthstone deck for each of them.

The author of this article does not assume any responsibility for the results that playing this deck on ladder may generate. Try this deck at your own risk.

Control Warrior Decklist
Control Warrior Decklist

Quest Lifesteal Demon Hunter

Deck Code: AAECAea5AwbO0gP51QPQ3QP39gOL9wPF+QMM6b4D1tED3dMDx90D2d4D8+MDlegD/e0DivcDs6AEtKAE7KAEAA==

Dust Cost: 5520

After the nerfs that came with the 21.0.3 patch, most of us announced the death of OTK Demon Hunter as a viable Hearthstone Deck. However, it seems to be a solid strategy in the current metagame, at least against some of the most popular decks out there.

According to the numbers, the deck does not have polarized matchups and could win against any of the four most popular decks. On top of that, is a great counter of Garrote Rouge as to the stats published by Tian Ding show.

With Ilgynoth at 6 mana, this version of the OTK Demon Hunter relies on the Questline to get the discounts necessary to pull the combo. This could be seen as highly inconsistent, but with Sigils, Quest procs, and post-Kurtus Glides, you can manage to discount the key pieces and close games as fast as turn 8 or 9.

Surrender’s list combines the efficient Demon Hunters’ removals with the Quest card-draw package, cutting out the Fel spells plus Jace plan. There are is still innovation being made in this archetype. Recently, Reqvam and Monsanto reached #1 Legend with a hybrid version including Brutes.

OTK Demon Hunter
OTK Demon Hunter

How long will this Hearthstone Meta last?

A loud part of the Hearthstone community seems not to be satisfied with the last set of nerfs to Warlock or the general state of the meta. Alec Dawson, Hearthstone Lead Designer, confirmed some weeks ago that they were still evaluating the situation and that more changes should be expected by later September.

Experience tells us that balance patches are announced on Mondays and deployed on Tuesdays, so stay tuned to that most likely next week or the other we will be talking about them in the Hearthstone news and updates section. See you next time in the tavern.