The best 5 decks to climb Hearthstone ladder after United in Stormwind’s first round of nerfs, according to Blizzard.

Many decks suffered from Hearthstone Designers’ decision to nerf eight cards last week after the release of United in Stormwind expansion. Today we bring you some hot Hearthstone Decks with great winrate to dominate United in Stormwind’s ladder after the nerfs.

United in Stormwind’s Meta Snapshot after the Nerfs

While the meta is still evolving after United in Stormwind’s nerf deployed in patch 21.0.3, we have some clear front-runners. Tian Ding, Hearthstone Data Scientist, posted some interesting official deck archetypes winrate stats on his Twitter account.

Apparently, the face will always be the place after any balance change. Aggressive decks pray from other archetypes trying to adjust to the recent changes. On top of that, in this combo-heavy meta, they seem to be the best response to many of the popular decks around.

Needless to say, Warlock is still up there. With an interesting Handlock style approach, it resembles the old days when Molten and Mountain giants were around. Emerging from the Outlands, Fel Demon Hunter seems to have gotten some traction after losing its most iconic OTK archetype with Ilgynoth nerf.

Top 5 Hearthstone Decks to climb

Face Hunter

Code: AAECAbv5AwjhzgOL1QOP4wPK4wPc6gOf7APl7wPn8AMLorkD3MwDos4DgtADudIDhuIDj+QD8OwD9/gDqZ8Eu6AEAA==

Dust Cost: 7460

There are 3 inevitable things in life: death, taxes, and Face Hunter. This archetype doesn’t rely on any powerful combos. It’s just pure and raw damage piled up into 30 cards.

The game plan is simple: make every turn your strongest play. Fight for the board in the early game taking efficient trades. Then, once you have sunk enough damage with your minions, start pushing that hero power to increase the pressure and set one or two-turn lethals.

The deck suffered the loss of Kolkar Pack Runner after United in Stormwind nerfs. However, Neophytes are a great replacement. A bit weaker controlling early boards, but stronger capabilities of disrupting opponent gameplan or board clears. This deck has some bad match-ups across the meta, but being a good Warlock counter turns it into one of Hearthstone’s most powerful archetypes at the moment.

Face Hunter Decklist
Face Hunter Decklist

Aggro-Taunt Druid


Dust Cost: 7460

This highly synergistic taunt-based archetype might be one of the best Hearthstone decks in the current United in Stormwinds post nerf meta. With some fast and furious starts, this Druid deck can overwhelm almost any opponent. 

Razermane Battleguard works as mana-ramp with a body and a repetitive effect. If your opponent can’t clean it immediately, you might be able to drop your whole hand by turn 3. Oracle of Elune works similarly, helping you build boards without fully committing your hand.

This tokenish style deck has Arbor Up as finisher, but some other minions can help you close the game too. Greybough and Teacher’s Pet can come as early as Turn 3, being annoying minions to deal with. Make sure to think ahead of your turns and play around of possible board clears. Composting can be the key to win against some slower decks, so make good use of the card. 

Aggro-Taunt Druid Decklist
Aggro-Taunt Druid Decklist

Aggro-Shadow Priest

Code: AAECAaKrBATn0QP70QOj9wO79wMNsLoD3r4Dm80D184Du9EDxtEDz9EDi9UDyuMDivQDrfcDlaAE26AEAA==

Dust Cost: 6680

Don’t worry, we are in United in Stormwind now, and no Control Priest will harm you, more so after the Apotheosis and Renew nerfs. This aggressive Shadow Priest deck has come to dominate Hearthstone standard play and has even made its way to Grandmasters.

While many variations of the archetype see play, this one is particularly juicy. Not only do you get to play Murloc Tinyfin, but also, if you are unable to curve it out, you can turn it into something scarier with Disciplinarian Gandling.

Voidtouched Attendant serves as a powerful attack buff for wide boards, as well as a solid one-drop. Traveling Merchant can put opponents in distress since most Hearthstone decks can’t handle a wide and tall board at the same time. Mindrender Illucia is perfect to set lethals while stealing any chance from your opponent to interact with the board. Beware that one of Hearthstone’s most hated cards could be nerfed soon.

Aggro-Shadow Priest Decklist
Aggro-Shadow Priest Decklist

Quest-Hand Warlock

Code: AAECAf0GBvLtA4jvA8f5A4T7A4f7A5egBAybzQPXzgPB0QOL1QOT5APY7QPw7QPx7QPG+QOD+wOxnwTnoAQA from Vicious Syndicate

Dust Cost: 7720

Talking about decks that could face nerfs, we have Quest-Hand Warlock. This Quest Warlock deck variant has taken high legend by assault, and it seems that United in Stormwind nerfs didn’t even touch it. 

With few counters besides Stealer (D6) Warlock, this might be the deck to choose if you want to climb the Hearthstone ladder. With so many removals and life gain options, aggressive decks fall short when trying to close out games.

The Battlemaster and Flesh Giant nerfs after United in Stormwind’s first balance patch didn’t affect it much. The inclusion of Neophytes helps to disrupt and also makes it harder for opponents to handle the big swing turns the deck is capable of.

Quest-Hand Warlock Decklist
Quest-Hand Warlock Decklist

Fel Demon Hunter

Code: AAECAea5AwTQ3QON9wOXoAS0oAQN6b4D2cYD3dMDx90D8+MDlegDwvEDifcDjPcDmfkDg58Etp8E7KAEAA== from Vicious Syndicate

Dust Cost: 5680

Much like the phoenix, Fel Demon Hunter emerged from the ashes of Lifesteal OTK Demon Hunter. Ilgynoth’s nerf was strong enough to force players to have a secondary game plan. 

With a similar Mo’arg-Arcanist and removal package, this deck can stall enough to get to turn 8 and play Jace as a Shudder-Solarian finisher. It turned out that lifesteal options to hold against aggro, plus Jace’s payoff are good enough tools to make this new archetype one of Hearthstone’s most powerful decks.

The archetype hasn’t found the perfect 30 yet. Still, with this meta composition, it is a great pick to climb after United in Stormwind nerfs, taking advantage of all the aggressive decks out there.

Face Hunter Decklist
Face Hunter Decklist

Will there be more nerfs in United in Stormwind?

As we mentioned yesterday, United in Stormwind has yet more nerfs to come. Hearthstone best decks’ power level may fluctuate in response to card changes or changes in the meta composition. Warlock will be definitely affected, but that doesn’t mean that all class archetypes will be.

The design team disclosed that they are constantly analyzing ladder data. They will keep making tweaks until some deck’s power level tones down and less interactive archetypes are kept in check.

No matter what the Hearthstone future has prepared for us, stay tuned to for more deck guides, game news, and updates. For now, we will see you next time, in the tavern.