Every deck & line-up for the Hearthstone Summer Championship cover image

Every deck & line-up for the Hearthstone Summer Championship

The Hearthstone Summer Championship starts tomorrow, and today we bring you all the decks and line-ups for you to try out!

We are only hours away from the Hearthstone Summer Championship, but players have already submitted their decks and line-ups. That's why in this article, we will showcase the competitive meta and share with you the codes so you can test them yourself.

Don't forget to link your Twitch and Battle.net accounts, since the Hearthstone Summer Championship will give out free packs via Drops. If you don't want to miss the loot, make sure you visit our guide on how to get them!

Hearthstone Summer Championship decks and line-ups

The Summer Championship format divides the 16 players into four double eliminations groups, with the top 2 players from each advancing to the final Top 8 playoff. Knowing their opponents in advance, Hearthstone Summer Championship players could tailor their decks or line-ups to target someone in particular.

These are the group pairings:

Hearthstone Summer Championship Groups - Image via <a href="https://twitter.com/FenoHS/status/1691435430917410818/photo/1" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Feno</a>
Hearthstone Summer Championship Groups - Image via Feno

Group A decks & line-ups

Let's analyze the Hearthstone Summer Championship decks and line-ups group by group. Tansoku stands out with his Naga Mage and Chadlock inclusions. You can check every player's line-up in the following gallery:

The rest of this group accurately represents the current ladder metagame. With no Control decks insight, and with Combo decks being almost as fast as Aggressive ones, the field is split between them.

Rainbow Mage and Nature Shaman are the most popular decks in this group, something similar to what happens in Hearthstone ladder at top Legend.

Hearthstone Summer Championship - Group B decks & line-ups

gyu is probably one of the the most off-meta player. His line up including decks such as Enrage Warrior and XL Big Beast Hunter is a surprise. These decks that performed in previous metagames will need to fight to survive against the faster Titans archetypes.

Talking about Festival of Legends decks, Remnen brought Relic Demon Hunter in his Hearthstone Summer Championship line-up. Arcane Hunter, Rainbow Mage and Nature Shaman are staples in this group with a 75% representation. The other archetype that makes a comeback is Cocacle Rogue. It seems that it will never go extinct.

Group C

Mech Rogue and Rainbow Mage dominate Group C, with the rest of the slots being diverse. Nagon opted for Chadlock and Treant Druid which stands out, since they are one of the few players that chose not to bring Nature Shaman.

There's a trick here, though. The system tagged PocketTrain's Mage as Rainbow when in fact its a Naga Mage. Same thing happened with Reqvam's Mage in the following gropu.

Hearthstone Summer Championship - Group D decks & line-ups

The last group of this Summer Championship completes the 64 deck field with some repeated but strange lineups. We have Hemlock with a copy of what gyu brings and then Gaby who chose to include also the XL Big Beast Hunter in his decks. Two out of the three XL decks in the tournament are in this last group.

Note: Gaby's and Reqvam's Mages are in fact a Naga Mages

Final thoughts on Hearthstone Summer Championship decks and line-ups

We must consider that while the Summer Championship is taking place three weeks after the Titans Hearthstone expansion, there weren't any significant nerfs yet. Only two cards were balanced in an emergency patch a week ago, but the big 27.2 Hearthstone balance patch will not arrive until next Tuesday.

This allows players to more accurately predict the metagame, and also tech against it.

One thing worth mentioning about the Hearthstone Summer Championship regarding decks and line-ups is that this tournament is a "winner takes it all" event. Despite there being a $50,000 prize pool distributed for the 16 players, the relevant prize is the World Championship invitation for the winner.

Under these circumstances, high-risk/high-reward strategies make more sense than overall consistency. Bringing a highrolly deck or lineup to the Hearthstone Summer Championship might get you to Worlds. Do you remember Silvername vs Bunnyhoppor?

All the deck images from this article have been taken from the amazing D0nkey's website. If you want to copy the deck codes, you can visit this link which includes all the decks from the Summer Championship.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more Hearthstone news and guides. Be sure to visit esports.gg for all the latest esports news as well. See you next time in the Hearthstone Summer Championship collecting Twitch Drops.