With Hearthstone’s Fractured in Alterac Valley just around the corner, we’ve compiled the best Drek’thar & Vanndar ladder decks for you to vibe with.

Drek’thar & Vanndar have been battling it out for nearly two decades. But it was only recently that they were introduced to Hearthstone in a special promotion for the upcoming Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion. For the very 1st time players were asked to choose sides between the Alliance & Horde, picking the card they thought was going to swing the meta in their favor.

So, a week in, which of the two faction leaders has had the greater impact? Here are the best performing decks across both standard & wild for each hero thus far.

Drek’thar – Horde

Token Druid (Standard)

At a 60.6% win rate between Diamond & Legend, the deck that’s already been dominating ladder is the best performing Drek’thar/Vanndar deck currently on offer.

Deck Code:

Drek'thar Token Druid
4720 Dust.

Rally Priest (Standard)

A blast from the past, Rally Priest recently made a comeback in players’ Hearthstone Masters Tour Undercity lineups. This is the 2nd best Drek’thar deck in standard at 51% win-rate.

Deck Code:

Drek'thar Rally Priest
4160 Dust.

APM Mage (Wild)

It would seem that Drek’thar was tailor-made for this build – he is a massive combo enhancer for this already meta-staple deck. This deck has a 56.6% win rate in the most power-crept format. Now that’s power!

Deck Code:

Drek'thar APM Mage
7060 Dust.

Call to Arms Paladin (Wild)

There’s a reason the deck’s name is what it is. It uses Drek’thar as a 3rd copy of Call to Arms & becomes that much more powerful for it.

Essentially offering a 50% increase in the chance to play the powerhouse on curve, the deck boasts a dominant 56.6% win rate & has seen a recent surge in popularity.

Deck Code:

Drek'thar Call to Arms Paladin
4700 Dust.

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Vanndar Stormpike – Alliance

Corrupt Priest (Standard)

Vanndar is single-handedly responsible for resurrecting the old god Y’shaarj & his entourage. Together they’ve been taken as high as 256 legend by Ajani2766!

Deck Code:

Vanndar Corrupt Priest
9040 Dust.

Clown Druid (Standard)

Well known for either ramping or busting, this deck utilizes Vanndar as a 3rd copy of Overgrowth, reaching & corrupting these juicy clowns earlier.

With a 54.3% win rate, this is currently the best performing Vanndar deck (with enough games to its record) across all formats.

Deck Code:

Vanndar Clown Druid
6560 Dust.

BIG Priest (Standard)

The popular control priest build is taking a deep dive into the higher mana costs, enabled by yours truly with a solid 52.3% win rate.

Deck Code:

Vanndar BIG Priest
9040 Dust.

For the Horde!

The evidence is undeniable. With a powerful presence in both standard & wild Drek’thar is winning it big time for the Horde! The leader of the Frostwolf Clan fits right in with the powerful early-game-oriented decks. He also provides a fine chunk of stats for that final aggressive or combo push.

On the other hand, Vanndar has had a much tougher time. Instead of being included in existing powerhouses, he found his home within forgotten or lower-tiered ‘BIG decks’. Vanndar still elevates these decks to new heights; however, the decks seem to be too dependent on drawing & playing him for their win rates.

Players will have access to both Drek’thar and Vanndar once Fractured in Alterac Valley releases on December 7th.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your choices & smash the ladder with one of our featured decks!

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Jon "Falular" Pines

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