Alterac Valley card reveal season has started. Check every new card before the Horde and Alliance clash in the ultimate Hearthstone battle.

The Horde and the Alliance will clash in Alterac Valley, but before the fight, it’s card reveal season! In the following article, you will find every card revealed for Alterac Valley Hearthstone’s latest expansion.

Alterac Valley will launch on December 7, but we are already hyped about card reveals. All of the cards have now been revealed for the upcoming set! Check them out below.

Alterac Valley Legendary cards reveled

With no further ado, here you have the Alterac Valley Legendary cards revealed so far. Once again, we get to play with Hero Cards, this expansion has it all. So, what side will you be taking? Are you ready to fight for the Horde alongside Drek’Thar or will you join the Alliance under Vanndar Stormpike’s command?

Drek'Thar -Alterac Valley legendary  card reveal Hearthstone
Inside your deck there are two wolves. One is a frostwolf. The other is a frostwolf. You are a Frostwolf.
Wildheart Guff - Alterac Valley legendary  card reveal Hearthstone
Guff faced his biggest challenge yet: making friends on a battlefield.
Alterac Valley’s Hero Card reveled
Hero Power: Nurture (2 Mana) Choose One – Draw a card; or Gain a Mana Crystal
Caria Felsoul Alterac Valley card reveal Hearthstone
This is what happens when you keep taking the advice of the little demon on your shoulder.
Dredlich Tamsin Alterac Valley legendary card reveal Hearthstone
At a certain point, you stop mocking death and start becoming it.
Alterac Valley’s Hero Card reveled
Hero Power: Chains of Dread (2 Mana) Shuffle a Rift into your deck. Draw a card.
Rift: Casts When Drawn Summon a 3/3 Dread Imp.
Vandar Stormpike - Alterac Valley legendary  card reveal Hearthstone
His favorite modes of transportation? Van, car, board, bike.
Wing Commander Ichman Alterac Valley card reveal Hearthstone
“Mulverick, it’s not your flying, it’s your faction.”
Baron Gla'shear Alterac Valley card reveal Hearthstone
When you get hit by a royally bad pun, you just have to grin and bear it.
Tamsin's Phylactery Alterac Valley card reveal Hearthstone
Eau de Morte. Guaranteed to take your date’s breath away

Lightforged Cariel - Alterac Valley legendary  card reveal Hearthstone
Her faith, unshakable. Her shield, immovable. Her enemies, irredeemable.
Alterac Valley’s Hero Card reveled
Hero Power: Blessing of Queens (2 Mana), Give a random minion in your hand +4/+4
Immovable Object, Weapon: Doesn’t lose Durability. Your hero takes half damage, rounded up.
Ivus, the Forest Lord Alterac Valley card reveal Hearthstone
He’s always welcome at the local tavern, unlike a certain Ancient.
Lokholar the Ice Lord Alterac Valley card reveal Hearthstone
Suddenly the names of Iceblood Tower and Iceblood Garrison make a lot more sense.
Shadowcrater Scabbs Alterac Valley legendary card reveal Hearthstone
Sneaking behind enemy lines isn’t so different from being a line cook. People are hostile, something’s on fire, and your only hope is to get out of there with all your fingers.
Alterac Valley’s Hero Card reveled
Hero Power: Sleight of Hand (0 Mana) The next card you play this turn costs 2 less.
Bru’kan of the Elements Alterac Valley legendary card reveal Hearthstone
The elements crackled through Bru’kan’s veins and his life flashed before his eyes. He knew this moment would come, but he wondered, had he given them enough?
Saidan the Scarlet Alterac Valley legendary card reveal Hearthstone
An orc mage accidentally kited him all the way from Stratholme.
Xyrella, the Devout Alterac Valley's Hero Card reveled
Xyrella thought she was only saving her daughter. Her actions may very well have saved the entire world.
Alterac Valley’s Hero Card reveled
Hero Power: Rotates between Holy Touch (2 mana) Restore 5 Health and Void Spike (2 mana) Deal 5 Damage
Rokara, the Valorous Alterac Valley's Hero Card reveled
As strong-willed and stubborn as her first day in the Horde, Rokara now wielded a weapon that rivaled even her tenacity.
Alterac Valley’s Hero Card reveled
Hero Power: Grand Slam (2 Mana) Deal 2 Damage. Honorable Kill: Gain 4 Armor
Unstopable Force, Weapon: After you attack a minion, smashi it into the enemy hero!.
Lokholar the Ice Lord
Suddenly the names of Iceblood Tower and Iceblood Garrison make a lot more sense.
Wing Commander Ichman
“Mulverick, it’s not your flying, it’s your faction.”
Cera'thine Fleetrunner
World Record CTF Champion 16 years running
Balinda Stonehearth
Imagine her surprise, ending up in a game called Hearthstone.
Magister Dawngrasp Alterac Valley's Hero Card reveled
Magister is a humble title for one who united warring armies against the greatest threat to Azeroth.
Alterac Valley’s Hero Card reveled
Hero Power: Arcane Burst (2 mana) Deal 1 damage. Honorable Kill: Gain +2 Damage
Kurtrus, Demon-Render Alterac Valley's Hero Card reveled
“I dedicated my life to vanquishing demons, but I never thought to face the demons in me. Maybe, in time, I can help quell the demons in you.” -Kurtrus, to Cariel
Alterac Valley’s Hero Card reveled
Hero Power: Ashfallen’s Fury (1 mana) +2 Attack this turn. After a friendly minion attacks, refresh this.
Korrak the Bloodrager
“I live, I love, I slay, and I am undying.”
Najak Hexxen
“I’ve got friends on the other side… of the battlefield.”
Captain Galvangar
It wasn’t the ravages of war that took Galvangar, it was hypothermia.
Beaststalker Tavish Alterac Valley's Hero Card reveled
Tavish left home to forge his own path. But it still led him back to Alterac to kick some Frostwolf butt.
Alterac Valley’s Hero Card reveled
Hero Power: Summon Pet (3 mana) Summon an Animal Companion
Wing Commander Mulverick
“A board full of 2-Health minions? This is what I call a target rich environment.”

Epic cards reveled

We have already seen the stars of the show, but every card gets to be Legendary. Despite not being as shiny, some of these Epic cards revealed have what you need to fight in Alterac Valley

Abominable Lieutenant
If you can’t join ’em, eat ’em.
Grimtotem Bounty Hunter
He’ll take a big weight off your shoulders.
Capture Coldtooth Mine Alterac Valley epic card reveal Hearthstone
We hit a huge haul! Or wait… no, it’s just a coin.
Forsaken Lieutenant
We didn’t forsake him. He CHOSE to defend a tower against the entire Alliance front line by himself.
Ur'zul Giant
Nothing personal, tiny human. I have many mouths to feed.
The Lobotomizer
This may hurt a little, but don’t worry, you won’t remember it.
Mass Polymorph
Sheep in Frostwolves’ clothing.
Gift of the Naaru
What do I look like, a charity?
Ice Trap
I literally watched the Hunter place it down in front of me and I still stepped in it.
Snowed In Alterac Valley epic card reveal Hearthstone
“What do you mean school isn’t cancelled?! It’s a snow day!”
Frostsaber Matriarch Alterac Valley epic card reveal Hearthstone
They say “don’t poke the bear”, but they NEVER said “don’t poke the frostsaber or her cubs”.
Sacrificial Summoner
Summoning will cost you an arm and a brother.
Just passing through Alterac on its way to apply for a job at the Ice Cream Citadel.
Cheaty Snobold
This one will knock you out cold.
Sigil of Reckoning
“It’s dangerous ‘round these parts, I reckon.”
I’ve seen this before. You just have to time it right to avoid the dragon.
Felfire in the Hole!
Fear not, feebleminded friends, for failure to fell your foes with felfire is fundamentally farfetched!
Spammy Arcanist
You don’t have to jump while spamming, but it’s more fun that way.
Snowball Fight! Alterac Valley epic card reveal Hearthstone
Woahwoahwoah, we said no friendly fire!
Shadow Word: Devour
Devouring souls is like a buffet. You have to take a little bit of everything.
Frozen Buckler
“Hey, I bet I could shatter this.”
Spring the Trap
Talk about starting off on the wrong foot.
Frozen Mammoth
*record scratch* “So, you may be wondering how I got here.”
Rune of the Archmage
“It’s not a slot machine! It took YEARS of rigorous studying the intricacies of the universe to unravel the strands of reality. The arcane knowledge alone would enfeeble even the most brilliant of minds. Give it the credence it deserves. It’s a magic slot machine.”
Stonehearth Vindicator
“True strength comes from within your deck” is a whole lot less inspiring.

Alterac Valley Rare cards reveled

So, you think you might have seen the best already. Look closely, since these rare Alterac Valley cards reveal Objectives that might be key to making that awesome deck win the battle.

Snowfall Graveyard Alterac Valley Rare card reveal Hearthstone
Live fast, die twice.
Templar Captain
You can combine two of these into a Captain Archon.
Frostwolf Kennels Alterac Valley Rare card reveal Hearthstone
The 1 reason Alliance members defect to the Horde is to adopt a cute frostwolf puppy.
Undying Disciple
We get it, you’re undead. But jumping out of a grave? That’s a bit much.
Flanking Maneuver
So, do we have advantage? Can I sneak attack?
To the Front!
Except healers. You go to the back.
Stormpike Aid Station
Known by some as the “Stormpike Naptime Lounge.”
Seeds of Destruction
May your harvest be dreadful.
Pride Seeker
When you’re putting your head in the lion’s mouth, you may as well dress the part.
Iceblood Garrison
On weekends, it hosts the local community theater rehearsals.
Frostwolf Warmaster
“The spoils of war ain’t free… Unless you’re me!”
Bless is bmore.
Dun Baldar Bridge Alterac Valley Rare card reveal Hearthstone
At least there’s no fall damage in Hearthstone.
Revive Pet
Best friends never really leave.
Build a Snowman
This is the coolest spell once you get it rolling.
Iceblood Tower
“Why is it called Iceblood Tower?” “Not really sure. Anyways, try not to lose your footing on any of the frozen bodies as you make your way in.”
Wildpaw Gnoll
A big fan of four-claw discounts.
Stormpike Marshal
The Stormpike have a very direct take on life insurance.
Snowblind Harpy
Not snowblind; she can spot a level 51 noob over 40 yards away.
Shield Shatter
“Is the shield being shattered or doing the shattering?” “Yes.”
Kobold Taskmaster
Fabled questgiver of the “Get me candle”, “Get me another candle”, and “Get me 11 more candle” questline.
We now have a more accurate answer to the age-old question “What’s cooler than being cool?”
Desecrated Graveyard
People are dying to get in.
Arcane Brilliance
They could probably do with a dash of Arcane Humility.
Dun Baldar Bunker Alterac Valley Rare card reveal Hearthstone
Brutalist architecture for brutal times.
Warden of Chains
Can’t stay out too late. I gotta head back home to the ol’ ball and chained demon.
Field of Strife Alterac Valley Rare card reveal Hearthstone
I heard it’s lovely there around this time of year
You can never choose the wrong path if you make your own.
Wildpaw Cavern
Adventurers were quite confused when they saw how many boots were frozen to the ceiling.
Stormpike Battle Ram
Baa ram ewe! To your dwarves, your beard, Stormpike clan be true!
Likes chilly, hates chili.
Protect the Innocent
“Quick, strike a super hero pose!”
Irondeep Trogg
Full-Blown Evil
This isn’t your average, everyday evil. This is ADVANCED evil.
Contraband Stash
“Coggsprocket! We happy?” “Yeah, we happy.”

Alterac Valley Common cards reveled

Last but not least, here they come, the common cards. Before you make assumptions, give them a chance they will serve you with Honorable Kills.

Siphon Mana
Why spend mine when I can take yours?
Very dangerous shoulder-to-ears situation here.
Hollow Abomination
As soon as you land your first Honorable Kill, trust me, you’ll be hooked!
Mountain Bear
If they want your picnic basket, I recommend giving it to them.
Coldtooth Yeti
Its arrival heralds the Brain Freeze Yeti.
Spirit Guide
“Hey Jake.” “Back again?” “Yup.” “See you in 2 minutes.”
When he’s sitting in the graveyard ready to rez, he’s incorporal.
Vitality Surge
If your vitality lasts longer than four hours, consult a Priest.
Stormpike Quartermaster
Frozen funnel cakes taste just like ice cream, if you pretend real hard.
Ram Commander
Get your RAM in pairs for better performance.
Luminous Geode
No take candle. BE CANDLE.
Ice Revenant
There must have been some magic in that old ice mace we found.
Herald of Lokholar
“I don’t care how hot it is. I am not going over there to be your air conditioning.”
Glory Chaser
When you’ve reached the peak of competition twice, how hard can winning one valley be?
Frantic Hippogryph
It’s killed and it’ll kill again!
Cavalry Horn
The clarion call of the Alliance skipping every objective and going straight to Drek’thar.
Axe Berserker
All the body spray went to her head.
What do you mean shooting them in the back isn’t honorable?!
Flag Runner
I see your argument, but…do you have a flag?
Dire Frostwolf
Tips to survive a frostwolf attack: -Stay calm -Lay down -Drizzle steak sauce over your body Brought to you by the Frostwolf Council for Alliance Safety.
Amplified Snowflurry
I bet it’s just exaggerating.
“But Commander, I already did the connaissance.”
Takes the ugly scraps of armor from dead players and combine them into ridiculous looking PVP armor sets.
Sneaky Scout
Do you know what they call Scouts that aren’t sneaky? Target practice.
Troll Centurion
Centurion? Ha, come back when you’re a millennion.
Snowfall Guardian
You’re finally awake! That fall looked really bad. Demon Hunters? Mercenaries? What are you talking about? Come on, I just unpacked a Golden Moorabi, let’s go build a Freeze Shaman deck.
Reflecto Engineer
The whole thing’s based on the Rubber-Glue Phenomenon.
*not related to the Burning Legion
Humongous Owl
“Humongous what?” -Torug’s last words.
Heart of the Wild
In each of us beats a wild heart. Except the Forsaken.
Double Agent
And under the Alliance tabard? Another Horde tabard.
Bunker Sergeant
Best hair in the valley.
Gnome Private
She’s doing her part.
Ram Tamer
Pump up the ram, pump it up. While your hooves are stompin’.
Dreadprison Glaive
Keep your allies close. Keep your evil demons in your weapon.
Battleworn Vanguard
“Welcome to Dun Baldar Felwings! Do you want ’em mild, spicy, or BURNING Legion?”
In 30 minutes or less, or else it’s free!
Clawfury Adept
The Inept Clawfury is a danger only to themselves.
The thermometer says it’s 0° right now, but with the windchill it feels like -25°.
Tower Sergeant
Best helmet in the valley.
Shivering Sorceress
Remember to use your sick days wisely.
Piggyback Imp
Imp my ride
Icehoof Protector
I can’t feel my axe!
Hold the Bridge
You! Shall not! Pass!
Grave Defiler
She keeps her Fel spells nice and organized in her defiling cabinet.
The sad reality of a raging toothpaste addiction.
Direwolf Commander
When you’re riding a wolf, it’s in charge and you’re allowed to make suggestions.
Blood Guard
Has never donated blood and doesn’t plan on ever doing so.
How it feels to chew Fel Gum.

The list is finally complete. If you want to learn everything about Alterac Valley, make sure to check this announcement article. For more Hearthstone news and updates stay tuned to See you in Alterac Valley, we will never fall back!


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