Struggling to win in Castle Nathria? Here are the BEST Hearthstone decks that you can EASILY take to LEGEND!!!

The Murder at Castle Nathria expansion is live for the community to enjoy! And within the first 48 hours of the expansion's release, the powerful archetypes have emerged onto the scene! So let's take a look at 5 of the most powerful Hearthstone decks you can use on your legend climb!

The most popular deck currently.
The most popular deck currently.

S-imp-ly put, Zoo Imp Warlock is the most popular archetype on the Hearthstone ladder. Because of the inclusion of Vile Library and Impending Catastrophe, Zoo Warlock has finally established itself as king of board generation and card draw once again. Imp King Rafaam and Shady Bartender give this deck ridiculous burst possibilities that you'll never think twice about letting an imp survive. And creating a board of imps is never a worry with cards like Fiendish Circle and Mischievous Imp.

Here is the most popular Hearthstone deck from HSReplay. We are featuring two lists to showcase player's thought processes when approaching this archetype. And some players have found success running Demonic Assault as well as Blademaster Okani for meaning disruption. This is the best Hearthstone deck for beginners looking to spend their dust. And thankfully, collecting data on this deck has been super quick due to the deck's fast average match time.

Mulligan Tips

  • 1-drop minions
  • Vile Library with Fiendish Circle
  • Mischievous Imp with coin

XL Spooky Mage - "The Perfect 40 Card Hearthstone Deck"

Created by <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">NoHandsGamer</a>
Created by NoHandsGamer

Introducing the spookiest deck in the game! Spooky Skeleton Mage has been the center of attention for the direction of future mage builds. And NoHandsGamer was able to showcase just how powerful the archetype is by hitting Rank 1 Legend with Renathal Spooky Skeleton Mage. And even I was able to reach legend with an 80% win-rate on my climb, so if I can do it, so can you!

This top legend deck's power relies on its versatility. The Ping Mage package, Reckless Apprentice, Mordresh, and Magister Dawngrasp, compliment the Vioatile Skeleton package perfectly. Ping Mage card allows you to deal heavy damage and recast spells for insane value, while the Skeleton package keeps you alive. Because of the additional armor and minions that deal damage, it gives more lethality to your consistent win conditions Mordresh Fire Eye and Kel'thuzad, the Inevitable.

Mulligan Tips

  • Spell school cards (Wildfire, Runed Orb, Arcane Intellect)
  • Cheap minions (Amplified Snowflurry, Frostweave Dungeoneer, Multicaster)
  • Skeleton cards (Nightcloak Sanctum and Cold Case)

XL Wildseed Beast - Something Old, Something New

Created by <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">HattriK</a>
Created by HattriK

The best deck from the Renathal patch is still alive with Castle Nathria. The Wildseed cards have surpassed players' expectations. And now, the Wildseed packages are almost in every Hunter Hearthstone deck. The idea of dormant minions can be concerning, However, dormant minions are not a weakness due to Wild Spirits. This spell gives the deck a noticeable shift in tempo that crushes anyone not expecting it.

We are including this list from well-established Hunter main, HattriK. Because every expansion, he makes it his goal to figure out the best Hunter deck. He's already playing at the top of the legend ladder with his take on the Wildseed archetype, combining it with the Big Beast package. And conveniently, this deck won't cost you much dust to craft if you've already created the previous season's XL Beast Hunter.

Mulligan Tips

  • 1-drop/2-drop minions
  • Harpoon Gun
  • Wildseed cards (Spirit Poacher, Stag Charge, and Wild Spirits)

XL Sire Token Druid - A Toast... To All Who Sought to Kill Me!

Created by <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">KanenHS</a>
Created by KanenHS

Sire Denathrius is the perfect legendary for Druid Hearthstone decks. The class has so many spells that generation token minions with Rush, and it works perfectly with Sire Denathrius. Druid having access to 20 mana gives you the possibility to truly do some disgusting combos if the game continues long enough. Just simply ramp up and Guff up, play Capture Cold Tooth to draw your Sire guaranteed, summon token minions, then watch the Sire toast to those who sought to kill him!

Sire Druid has been interesting to watch develop. There are obvious core cards you want to include for maximum Infuse value, like Scale of Onyxia and Flipper Friends. However, this list from KanenHS takes a more aggressive approach to the archetype. This top legend deck runs more early game token generation cards and tempo removal while making room for Herald of Natures for board buffs.

Mulligan Tips

  • Ramp cards (Wild Growth, Seedsman, Wildheart Guff)
  • Tutor cards (Jerry Rig Carpenter and Capture Cold Tooth)
  • Cheap minion threats (Dozing Kelpkeeper, Druid of the Reef, Living Roots)

Pelagos Naga Priest - Big Wigs, Big Wins

Created by <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Casie</a>
Created by Casie

Naga Priest has been the go-to archetype for priest mains. The inclusion of Cathedral of Atonement and Partner in Crime filled in two weaknesses of this deck, active card draw and multiple-minion board generation. Of course, this deck can create extremely large minions thanks to Radiant Elemental discounts. However, this deck needed more ways of keeping itself on the board before setting up your Serpent Wig turns.

The priest class has been struggling to get its footing in Castle Nathria. However, Former Grandmaster Casie is the only top legend player seen messing with the new legendary, Pelagos... and actually winning. This deck might require some finesse, but similarly to the previous season's Naga Priest, this deck's turn 5 potential can be game-breaking.

Mulligan Tips:

  • Cheap minions (Vicious Slitherspear, Murkwater Scribe, Radiant Elemental)
  • Card Draw (Handmaiden, Thrive in the Shadows, Cathedral of Atonement)

This concludes our look into the evolving legend metagame of the new Murder at Castle Nathria expansion! We will be featuring more decks once we find out other sleep decks in the format. Make sure to stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates!