YuGiOh Masterduel Deck Guide: Numerons and their Extreme overkill Boss monster cover image

YuGiOh Masterduel Deck Guide: Numerons and their Extreme overkill Boss monster

Want a deck that is defined by overkill? Join us as we break down the Numeron deck with the most overkill monster in YugiOh with 100,000 ATK!

The deck utilized by YuGiOh Zexal's big bad and protagonist is arguably one of the most interesting decks out there. The Numeron deck utilizes low level Xyz numbers to form some of the most overkill monsters in the game.

This infamous boss monster of the deck in none other than, Number iC1000: Numerounius Numerounia. This rank 13 has requires 5 level 13 monsters and forces your opponent to attack the 100,000 ATK point monster, and if they don't they lose the duel.

A Rundown of how the Numeron Deck works

Before you summon the king of Xyz monsters, there are a couple key components to the Numeron Deck.

  • Component 1: The Xyz monsters that make up the core building blocks of the deck.
  • Component 2: The spell cards that allow bypassing of certain summoning conditions and an all important field spell.

The Numeron deck has a couple ways to win apart from summoning Numeronious, but summoning the king of Xyz monsters is a lot more fun.

With most of the Xyz monsters of this deck, you won't be summoning them using the traditional monster cost. Instead, you'll be using the various Numeron spell cards to summon them or activate their effects.

The premise of the deck is to use Numeron calling to summon all 4 of the basic Xyz monsters to then build into the higher ranked Xyzs. Then the Numeron Network field spell lets you activate the archetypes effects without detaching materials.

A Breakdown of the essential pieces of a Numeron deck

The Numeron archetype has no traps and only 1 main deck effect monster. To make up for this however, the archetype includes 8 Xyz monsters and 6 spells which are all essential to the deck.

Monster Cards

Numeron Wall

The only regular monster card and non number card in the archetype, Numeron Wall acts as a Field searcher monster. Most decks that utilize field spells have a card that allows them to get a field spell onto the field. Numeron wall is no different, as he can send himself to the graveyard to directly set Numeron Network to the field.

Numbers 1,2,3 and 4: Numeron Gates Ekam, Dve, Trini and Catvari

These 4 level 1 machine Xyz monsters are the building blocks for the Numeron deck. They all share the same effect and summoning cost of 3 level 1 monsters. However, you'll be using one of the spell cards of the archetype to summon them instead.

Their effect is that they can't be destroyed by battle, and if the card battled this turn, by detaching one material, double the attack of all Numeron monsters you control. So, with your first attack, all of them will be boosted to 2000 attack points, then 4000, then 8000. Then if that's not overkill enough, the last attack, each of the Numeron Xyzs will have 16000 attack points.

Number C1: Numeron Chaos Gate Sunya

If Numbers 1 through 4 are all building blocks, Number C1 is the first assembled piece of the Numeron boss monsters. By easily overlaying Number 1: Numeron Gate Ekam as the matieral, you can banish all monsters on the field (including this one).

On your next standby phase, you can bring Chaos Gate Sunya back and deal damage to the combined attack of all the banished Xyz monsters.

This synergizes with the Numeron Calling spell card, as its side effect is that it banishes the other Numeron Xyz that you summon that turn.

If your opponent somehow manages to survive the first onslaught, you can summon this card and wipe the field.

Your opponent then has 1 turn to win or they take a total of 3000 damage. Just hope they don't have a One Day of Peace at that point.

Number C1000: Numerounius

Although summoning Numerounius is on the costly side, requiring 5 level 12 monsters, you be summoning him another way.

Using the spell card Numeron Chaos Ritual and attaching all 5 of the aforementioned monsters to it as material. By summoning it this way, Numerounious has 10,000 attack points and 1000 defense points rather than its base unknown amount.

Additionally, its Xyz effect allows it to destroy 1 monster on the field, then following the battle phase destroy any other monster it seems fit.

The cherry on top of all the carnage allows you to summon one monster from your opponents graveyard in defense position to your field.

But the fun doesn't stop there, if somehow your opponent manages to destroy Numerounious with a card effect, you can then special summon Number iC1000: Numerounious Numerounia.

Number iC1000: Numerounious Numerounia

If somehow your opponent manages to somehow survive the Numerounius onslaught and destroy Numerounius, this is the final nail in the coffin.

Number iC1000 Numerounious Numerounia is the true boss monster of this deck. Requiring an absurd 5 level 13 monsters, having this card on your field almost guarantees victory.

Although the summoning cost is high, like the other Xyz monsters of the archetype, you won't be using those summoning conditions. Regardless, Numerounious Numerounia has 4 distinct effects:

  • First is that if its special summoned through Number C1000, it gains 100,000 attack and defense points.
  • All monsters your opponent controls must attack this card if able
  • At the end of your opponent's turn, if this card did not battle, you win the duel.
  • When a opponent's monster declares an attack, you can detach 1 material from this card to negate the attack. If you negate the attack, gain life points equal to that monsters attack.

There are few cards that can get you out of Numerounious' grasp. If you summon him, you are most likley coming out on top.

Numeron Spell cards

The spell cards of the archetype are essential to a functioning Numeron deck. The spell cards typically ease the summoning conditions of the Xyz monsters. However, other spell cards of the archetpe either help wipe the field, or rank up their existing monsters. But, the core spell cards stick to easing the summoning conditions of the Numerons.

Numeron Network

One of the most important cards to the Numeron deck is the field spell Numeron Network. The field spells main use is to allow Numeron Xyz monsters to activate their effects without detaching materials.

However, there's also another effect which is equally broken. The field spell can substitute for any Numeron spell card by sending it from the deck to the grave.

Numeron Chaos Ritual

Unless you are the king of games yourself, it'll be quite the challenge to bring out 5 level 12 monsters to summon Numerounious. This is where Numeron Chaos Ritual comes in.

When Chaos Gate Sunya is destroyed by a monster effect (including its own), you can activate this card to bring out the first form of number C1000: Numerounious. And, with an added bonus of all 5 Xyz monsters as material and 10,000 ATK and 1000 DEF.

Numeron Calling

Another crucial spell card to the Numeron deck is Numeron Calling. In short, the spell card lets you special summon numbers 1 through 4 to the field. Although you do need Numeron Network on the field to make the effect work and the monsters are banished at the end phase. However, that's all you need to summon Chaos Gate. So, the consequences of the card are definitely worth the cost.

An Example of a Pure Numeron Deck

Numeron decks typically have tons of support cards, as the archetype mainly consists of extra deck monstrers. Howeve,r there are tons of support cards, hand traps and other cards that can fill up the deck. Here's an example of a relativley cheap but effective Numeron Deck:

Full card list:

Monster Cards (19):

  • PSY-Frame Driver x1
  • Swift Scarecrow x3
  • Numeron Wall x3
  • PSY-Framegear Gamma x2
  • PSY-Framegear Delta x1
  • Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x1
  • Unchained Twins - Aruha x2
  • Unchained Twins - Rakea x1
  • Planet Pathfinder x3
  • Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju x2

Spell Cards (19):

  • Harpie's Feather Duster x1
  • Terraforming x1
  • Numeron Chaos Ritual x2
  • Memories of Hope x2
  • Numeron Storm x1
  • Lightning Storm x3
  • Numeron Calling x3
  • Numeron Network x3
  • Forbidden Droplet x3

Trap Cards (2):

  • Jar of Avarice x2

Total Crafting Cost:

  • Normal: 120 (4 Cards)
  • Rare: 300 (10 Cards)
  • Super Rare: 360 (12 Cards)
  • Ultra Rare: 420 (14 Cards)

There are tons of more cards that different decks use to help get out Numerounious on the field. However, it’s duelist-dependent. You can explore the tons of combinations out there and see what works for you! For more YuGiOh! Master Duel content, check out our other guides, and stick around on Esports.gg!