Want to know how to get the most YuGiOh Master Duel gems quickly and efficiently when you first start to craft the best decks? Read on.

So, you're new to Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel and you want to get a good deck (and gems) quickly so you can climb the ranks? You and all the rest of us friend. You may be tempted to rush into the shop and start buying packs, but there's a much more efficient way. Allow us to explain the varied ways to farm gems that might not immediately be obvious in Master Duel.

How to spend your first free Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel gems efficiently? DO THIS FIRST!

When you first log into Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel the game will grand you about 1100 free gems just for completing the tutorial. These gems are extremely important for crafting your first deck and having any chance at winning matches, so pay close attention.

The first thing you're going to want to do is buy the Duel Pass Gold for 600 gems in the shop. You may balk at the fact that it will cost 600 of your precious gems, but not to worry. Playing multiplayer matches once you have the Duel Pass gold will actually refund you the 600 gems after you are done running all the way through the pass.

And the best part is, you'll have about 3 months to complete the pass, and it will reward you with a ridiculous amount of crafting materials to get your decks rolling.

In total, the duel pass will grant you:

  • 600 gems
  • 72 CP N crafting material
  • 80 CP R crafting material
  • 100 CP SR crafting material
  • 100 CP UR crafting material
  • 1 Pot of Greed buddy
  • 1 El Shadoll Construct monster art

For context, each card at the various rarities cost about 30 crafting material to create, and you can have three copies of cards in each deck, in most cases.

In order to maximize your gains while dueling, aim for both comeback duels, and trying to do over 3000 damage in one go. Otherwise, the rest of the bonuses to rank up happen pretty naturally in the course of playing.

What are the Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel - Duel Pass Gold rewards?

Normal Reward
Gold Reward
1No RewardNo Reward
2Gems (x10)Gems (x20)
3CP SR (x3)CP SR (x8)
4Gems (x10)Gems (x10)
5CP R (x4)CP R (x14)
6CP UR (x3)CP UR (x8)
7Gems (x10)Gems (x20)
8CP N (x6)CP N (x8)
9CP SR (x3)CP SR (x8)
10Gems (x10)Gems (x10)
11CP R (x4)CP R (x4)
12CP UR (x3)CP UR (x8)
13Gems (x10)Gems (x20)
14CP N (x3)CP N (x4)
15CP SR (x3)CP SR (x8)
16Gems (x10)Gems (x10)
17CP R (x3)CP R (x4)
18CP UR (x3)CP UR (x4)
19Gems (c20)Gems (x20)
20CP N (x3)CP N (x4)
21CP SR (x6)CP SR (x8)
22Gems (x10)Gems (x10)
23CP R (x6)CP R (x8)
24CP UR (x3)CP UR (x8)
25Gems (x10)Gems (x20)
26CP N (x3)CP N (x4)
27CP SR (x3)CP SR (x4)
28Gems (x10)Gems (x10)
29CP R (x3)CP R (x4)
30CP UR (x3)CP UR (x4)
31Gems (x10)Gems (x20)
32CP N (x6)CP N (x8)
33CP SR (x3)CP SR (x4)
34Gems (x20)Gems (x50)
35CP R (x3)CP R (x8)
36CP UR (x6)CP UR (x8)
37Gems (x10)Gems (x10)
38CP N (x3)CP N (x4)
39CP SR (x3)CP SR (x4)
40Gems (x10)Gems (x20)
41CP R (x3)CP R (x4)
42CP UR (x3)CP UR (x4)
43Gems (x10)Gems (x10)
44CP N (x3)CP N (x8)
45CP SR (x6)CP SR (x8)
46Gems (x20)Gems (x20)
47CP R (x4)CP R (x4)
48CP UR (x6)CP UR (x8)
49Gems (x10)Gems (x10)
50Upstart Goblin IconEl Shaddoll Construct Monster Art
51Normal Pass EndsCP SR (x8)
52Gems (x20)
53CP R (x4)
54CP UR (x8)
55Gems (x10)
56CP N (x4)
57CP SR (x4)
58Gems (x20)
59CP R (x4)
60CP N (x4)
61CP SR (x8)
62Gems (x50)
63CP N (x4)
64CP UR (x8)
65Gems (x10)
66CP R (x8)
67CP SR (x4)
68Gems (x20)
69CP N (x4)
70CP UR (x4)
71Gems (x10)
72CP R (x4)
73CP UR (x8)
74Gems (x20)
75CP N (x4)
76CP SR (x4)
77Gems (x10)
78CP R (x4)
79CP UR (x4)
80CP N (x4)
81Gems (x20)
82CP R (x4)
83CP SR (x8)
84Gems (x10)
85CP R (x4)
86CP UR (x8)
87Gems (x20)
88CP N (x4)
89CP SR (x4)
90Gems (x10)
91CP R (x4)
92CP SR (x4)
93Gems (x20)
94CP N (x4)
95CP UR (x8)
96Gems (x10)
97CP R (x4)
98CP SR (x4)
99Gems (x50)
100Pot of Greed Mate

What are some other methods of farming gems in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel?

Do all of the single player content.

At present, there are several solo missions beyond the tutorial, which gives you your initial gem rewards. You're going to want to play through all of them. Not only are they all fun, but they teach you the basics of the current Yu-Gi-Oh meta. Don't know what a pendulum summon is? How about a synchro summon? You're definitely going to want to start here anyway otherwise you're going to be lost if you haven't played Yugioh in a hot minute.

Yugioh Master Duel Gem Farming: Solo Mode


  • Practice - 500 Gems
  • Practice - A starter structure deck, chosen from three decks
  • Goal - 500 Gems

Duel Strategy

  • Duel - Raigeki card
  • Duel - Monster Reborn card
  • Duel - Marmiting Captain card x3
  • Practice - 600 gems
  • Practice - 600 gems
  • Practice - 600 gems
  • Practice - 600 gems
  • Duel - Reinforcement of the Army card
  • Duel - Destruction Jammer card x3
  • Duel - Trap Hole field part
  • Goal - Sangan mate

The Absolute Monarch

  • Scenario - Escalation of the Monarchs card x3
  • Practice - 150 ORB-EARTH
  • Duel - 150 ORB-DARK and Delg the Dark Monarch card x3
  • Duel - 250 ORB-DARK and Legacy Pack ticket x2
  • Duel - Erebus the Underworld Monarch icon and 200 gems
  • Goal - Emergence of the Monarchs structure deck

The Warriors of the Six Elemental Lords

  • Scenario - Elementsaber Molehu card
  • Practice - 150 ORB-DARK
  • Duel - 150 ORB-FIRE and Elementsaber Lapauila x3
  • Duel - Phosphorage the Elemental Lord card x3 and Legacy Pack ticket x2
  • Duel - Elementsaber Lapauila Mana icon and 200 gems
  • Goal - Umbramirage the Elemental Lord card x3

Buy Yugioh Master Duel gems at a discount for launch

Of course, if all else fails, you can whip out the American Express card and buy your way to glory. While there are several tiers of gems available, if you buy them in the launch window you're going to get a lot of bonus gems. Players are limited to three of each of these discounted gem boxes. The estimate on how much these gems normally cost are calculated by adding the closest gem tiers at normal prices together.

  • 1,500 Gem Pack - $11.99 (normally ~$24)
  • 3,500 Gem Pack - $28.99 (normally ~$64)

Get 50 free YuGiOh Master Duel packs on PlayStation Plus

If you happen to have PlayStation Plus, you can grab 50 free packs right now in the shop. And since the game is fully cross-platform, you're going to want to do this as soon as possible. Be sure to check out our guide on how to link your account.

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