YuGiOh Master Duel’s new duel pass is here! Join us as we break down all the rewards from the new duel pass

To accompany the new Synchro Festival event in YuGiOh Master Duel, a new Duel Pass has been released! The brand new Duel Pass includes 800 Gems, a total of 472 combined materials, a new wallpaper and a new mate. A breakdown of the rewards are below:

  • 800 gems
  • 112 N, 120 R, 120 SR, 120 UR +
  • Wallpaper of Orcust of the Evening Star
  • Mokey Mokey Mate

Earning rewards

Like other game's battle passes, all players are granted the base pass. However, the base duel pass has less rewards than its "Gold" counterpart. By dueling in ranked or in events, you can earn a certain amount of points ranging from 50 to 120. It is also worth noting that you don't receive any points if you surrender a duel.

Then, after you gather a certain amount of duel pass points, you will go up a grade. Each grade range requires a certain amount of points and each range of grades increase the total requirements of duel points earned to level up the pass by 25 points. A specific breakdown of the grades are detailed below:

  • Grade 2 to 5 - 80 points
  • Grade 6-10 - 90 points
  • Grade 11 to 20 - 100 points
  • Grade 21 to 30 - 125 points
  • Grade 31 to 40 - 150 points
  • Grade 41 to 50 - 175 points
  • Grade 51 to 60 - 200 points
  • Grade 61 to 70 - 225 points
  • Grade 71 to 75 - 250 point s
  • Grade 76 to 80 - 275 points
  • Grade 81 to 85 - 300 points
  • Grade 86 to 90 - 325 points
  • Grade 91 to 95 - 350 points
  • Grade 96 and over - 400 points

The Rewards Breakdown

Although the grades and point totals seem like a lot, the rewards are well worth it. By completing this duel pass duelists can earn some great rewards. The first of which, and is no surprise at all are gems. Especially with the brand new Beyond Speed selection pack, a total of 800 gems are a hot commodity to get some of the new cards in the set.

On top of the gems, there are a total of 472 materials to earn. In each of the types of materials, Duelists can get 120 materials of each type except for Normal materials, which are only slightly less at 112. The total breakdowns are:

  • 112 Normal
  • 120 Rare
  • 120 Super Rare
  • 120 Ultra Rare

Lastly are the cosmetic rewards at levels 50 and 100. At level 50, players get a wallpaper of Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star. The infamous rank 8 XYZ monster is a fan favorite as it has made waves in lots of competitive decks for its ease of summoning and great effect. Then, at level 100 players are rewarded a Mokey Mokey mate. The adorable and iconic card from the Duel Monsters era is also a fan favorite and appears in various card artworks.

image 1
image 2
image 3

And that's it! The duel pass is a great way to farm tons of materials and gems for deck building. Especially as the deck building tends to be on the expensive side, the Duel pass is a great investment. For more Master Duel content stay around on Esports.gg or check out our other Master Duel content!