YuGiOh! Master Duel deck guide: The Devious Dragonmaid deck! cover image

YuGiOh! Master Duel deck guide: The Devious Dragonmaid deck!

Dragonmaid decks have been on quite the rise lately. Join us as we break down the archetype and all the great cards within the archetype!

Released in 2019, the Dragonmaid archetype are a newer set of cards that have been on quite the rise lately.

The all female group of monsters, spells and traps take inspiration from both maid culture as well as the Kobayashi's Dragon Maid anime series.

The archetype are all about recycling themselves and summoning strong dragons during the battle phase. Dragonmaid decks are simple and fun, yet rewarding to play.

How Dragonmaids work

The Dragonmaid monsters can be seen as having 2 forms. The maid form, which are a low level set of monsters that typically have summoning effects. Then during the battle phase, the maids transform into their "true dragon forms".

In these forms, they are decent high attacking monsters. However, they truly shine when they return to the hand, as they can discard themselves from the hand to activate some fun effects.

Essential Cards for a Dragonmaid deck

Monster Cards

Interestingly enough, all the monsters in the archetype are anagrams, meaning their names are rearranged versions of the job name. So for example, Sheou is just House rearranged, and this trend follows the rest of the other dragonmaids. All the dragonmaids in their maid forms have the archetypal effect that during the battle phase, you can special summon 1 level 7 or 8 dragonmiad monster from either the hand or graveyard.

House dragonmaid & Dragonmaid Sheou

The only fusions in the dragonmaid archetype, House dragonmaid and dragonmaid Sheou act as the "Head of the house". House Dragonmaid and Sheou are the main boss monsters of the deck. Each standby phase you can special summon a fellow maid (in either form) from the hand or graveyard. Additionally, with House Dragonmaid, when a monster is returned to the hand, she can freely destroy another monster on the field.

Kitchen Dragonmaid & Dragonmaid Tinkhec

Kitchen and Tinkhec are a solid cornerstone of the Dragonmaid deck. Kitchen's ability to add any dragonmaid monster from the deck to the hand. This basic searching is always an essential and effective tool to have in your arsenal. On the other hand, Tinkhec can discard itself from the hand to give any fellow dragonmaid monster a whopping 2000 atk.

Nurse Dragonmaid & Dragonmaid Ernus

Another great support, Nurse and Ernus is as the name says: a nurse. With both their abilities to nurse dragonmaids from the graveyard and special summon them to the field. The Nurses are great in the midgame to help bring a couple monsters back in a dire situation. This works especially well as your dragonmaids will likely be in the grave from their various effects.

Parlor Dragonmaid & Dragonmaid Lopar

Another useful too in the arsenal of the Dragonmaids are Parlor and Lopar. Parlor Dragonmaid can send any other dragonmaid card to the graveyard. Although this doesn't seem too strong, dragonmaid monsters can be easily special summoned and the spell and traps have effects that can proc in the grave. The true form of Parlor Dragonmaid also has a great hand effect, which allows it to negate a monster's effect by discarding it.

Chamber Dragonmaid

Uniquely the only member of the dragonmaid family that currently doesn't have a dragon form. However, chamber dragonmaid is an essential key to making the dragonmaid deck work. This is due to her effect that when she is summoned, she can add any dragonmaid spell or trap to the hand. This is a great set up tool to bring out the various great spellcards of the archetype.

Dragonmaid Spell and Trap cards  

Dragonmaid Welcome

Fitting with the recycling playstyle, Dragonmaid Welcome gives a good attack boost as well as furthering the recycling capabilities of the deck. First with a bonus 100 ATK and DEF for each dragonmaid card in your graveyard (spells and traps included), by the mid to late game this card will give quite the substantial boost. Additionally while you control 2 dragonmaids, you can add any other dragonmaid card in your graveyard to your hand.

Dragonmaid Changeover

A crucial aspect of this deck is the only Fusion spell of the dragonmaid deck. This fusion spell lets you use monsters from the hand or field to fusion summon a dragon monster. Additionally, you can bring the fusion spell back from the grave to the hand by returning a dragonmaid on the field to the hand. So, you can almost always have a copy of this card in your hand to keep a steady stream of House Dragonmaids and Dragonmaid Sheou.

Dragonmaid Hopitaliy

Dragonmaid hospitality is another great card for the dragonmaids. This spell card allows you to special summon a dragonmaid from the graveyard in defense position while sending its alternate form from the deck to the graveyard. This helps bring out either form of a dragonmaid if you are having trouble getting it to your hand for one reason or another.

Dragonmaid Downtime

Dragonmaid downtime is a great addition to the deck and synergizes phenominally with House Dragonmaid. The continous trap allows you to send a dragonmaid monster to your hand to either add another dragonmaid card to the hand or return a spell or trap on the field to the hand. The true synergy lies with House Dragonmaid. As by returning a dragonmaid to the hand using downtime's effect allows you to use House's effect to destroy a monster on the field.

Dragonmaid Tidying

One oft he best artworks for the Draongmaid archetype, Dragonmaid tidying is the classic "pop" trap of an archetype. Simply, you can return both a dragon monster you control and 1 card your opponent controls to the hand. Additionally, you can banish the card to special summon a dragonmaid monster from the graveyard to then return it to the hand at the end phase.

My Personal Dragonmaid deck

Like with most decks, there are tons of different variations and synergies for an archetype. In playing around with the archetype, I've created my version of the deck that works for me. The deck focuses around summoning Dragonmaid Sheou and House dragonmaid to keep pressure up and devastate your opponent. (The extra deck is very much so still a work in progress however)

Full card list:


  • Maxx "C" x3
  • Nurse Dragonmaid x2
  • Laundry Dragonmaid x1
  • Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x1
  • Kitchen Dragonmaid x3
  • Parlor Dragonmaid x3
  • Chamber Dragonmaid x3
  • Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay x1
  • Performapal Odd-Eyes Dissolver x1
  • Dragonamid Tinkhec x2
  • Dragonmaid Lorpar x2


  • Rageki x1
  • Dragonmaid Hospitality x3
  • Dragonmaid Changeover x2
  • Pot of Prosperity x1
  • Dragon Ravine x1
  • Dragonmaid Welcome x1
  • Book of Moon x1
  • Dragonmaid Send-Off x1


  • Mirror Force x1
  • Infinite Impermanence x1
  • Dragonmaid Tidying x3
  • Dragonmaid Downtime x3

Extra Deck

  • House Dragonmaid x3
  • Dragonmaid Sheou x3
  • Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon x1
  • Number 46: Dragluon x1
  • Knightmare Pheonix x1
  • Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy x1
  • Number 97 Draglubion x1
  • Decode Talker x1
  • Borreload Dragon x1
  • Borrelsword Dragon x1
  • Rasterliger x1

Total Crafting Cost:

  • Normal: 420 (14 cards)
  • Rare: 270 (9 cards)
  • Super Rare: 390 (13 cards)
  • Ultra Rare: 570 (19 cards)

Although the deck seems quite expensive with the 19 Ultra Rare cards, the majority of them come from the extra deck. You truly only need Dragonmaid Sheou and House Dragonmaid for an effective Dragonmaid deck. Or, you can add a whole other archetype for a different synergy. Its all up to you! For more YuGiOh! Masterduel content, check out our other guides and stay here on Esports.gg!