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The Finals Heavy Build: Best weapons and loadout

Looking to carry your teammates? Maybe the Heavy Build is for you.

The Finals thrusts players into a cash-grab arena where buildings collapse and bullets fly. The Heavy Build is one of the potential options for gamers, and it has plenty going for it. 

For you gamers dreaming of towering over their opponents, we’ve got the guide for you. Prepare to win all your matches, and carry your teammates in the process.

What is the Heavy Build in The Finals?

Gamers looking to be a walking tank, look no further. The Heavy Build in The Finals provides players with 350HP, a significant boost compared to their weaker compatriots. 

This also means a selection of new weaponry, fit for a large king. Players mainly have LMGs at their disposal, making your already heavy body, all-the-more weighty. However, this means Heavy Build users have the luxury of more bullets to spray into their unfortunate opponents. 

Furthermore, players will have slower reload times as a result. If you’re a fan of quick-paced gameplay, a Heavy Build isn’t for you. Maybe a Light Build or Medium Build is your cup of tea.

The best Heavy Build in The Finals 

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The Heavy Build in The Finals requires players to stay alive. But, taking a lot of the heat in the process at the same time. Consequently, you’ll need your Medium Build teammates to pocket you when they can. If your tank never dies, your team is going to win. 

Here is the most solid selection for your Heavy Build in The Finals:

  • Specialization: Mesh Shield
  • Weapon: Lewis Gun or Sledge Hammer
  • Gadget: RPG 


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  • Mesh Shield: A protective wall that stretches wider than it does high

Firstly, there are three specializations to choose from. Players looking to go on the aggressive might prefer a Charge ‘n’ Slam approach. However, if you’re looking to win, unlock the Mesh Shield. The Mesh Shield is a projected wall that protects from the front. This will cover you and your teammates if you’re all tied at the hips. 

This also provides a bit of breathing room. Therefore, players can heal you easily and you'll be back in the action faster.


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  • Lewis Gun: Fast shooting LMG with smaller magazine

The Lewis Gun is beyond powerful. This LMG is incredibly accurate and easier to spray at longer distances compared to the M60. Its smaller magazine size is a downside, though, every other element within the Lewis Gun is superior for a Heavy Build.

This is the LMG you want to use.


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  • RPG: Big rocket goes boom

Basically, the RPG is possibly the most annoying thing to come up against in The Finals. Obviously, the RPG destroys everything—including players. It has incredibly high damage, and can obliterate an opponent in one fell swoop. The only downside is its reload time.


  • Specialization: Charge ‘n’ Slam
  • Weapon: Sledgehammer or SA1216
  • Gadget: C4 or Dome Shield

Tips for the Heavy Build in The Finals

  • Stay with your teammates
  • Keep a Medium Build close to heal you consistently
  • Use your Gadgets (the RPG is insanely strong)
  • Use your Mesh Shield to protect you and your teammates mid-fight to heal
  • Be a distraction for your Light Build teammates

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