JUICE YOUR FRIENDS! The dark secrets on how to get Pal Fluid in Palworld are now yours to know, just click to learn the dark secrets inside.

So, you need yourself some Pal Fluid in Palworld, eh? You know what that means.

.... Wait, DO you know what that means? Just in case you're thinking this is suddenly going to get NSFW, have no fear. A crafting item found on specific Pals across Palworld, Pal Fluid is simple to acquire once you know the trick.

Also, I just said 'Pal' a lot. While I mull over my life choices you can head on down below to find out how to acquire yourself some fluid the old-fashioned way. It's juicin' time.

How to get Pal Fluid in Palworld

<em>Sorry, Colonel Sanders: You're full of crafting materials. Credit: POCKET PAIR</em>
Sorry, Colonel Sanders: You're full of crafting materials. Credit: POCKET PAIR

There's no delicate way around this, friend: To get Pal Fluid in Palworld you're gonna have to kill (or capture) some water-type Pals. That's right, you're gonna wring 'em out for all they're worth. After all, crafting materials are serious business. We're not here to make Pals, we're here to use Pals.

Your two early game targets for this task are the water-type Pals Fuack and Pengullet. They're the ones that look like.... um, well, birds. Penguins, ducks. This isn't rocket science, baby. Find some soggy-looking friends, whack them to death, and get your just reward.

<em>Juice 'em. Credit: POCKET PAIR</em>
Juice 'em. Credit: POCKET PAIR

The best places to look for Pal Fluid in Palworld is the area around Rayne’s Syndicate Tower, as well as the marshlands near the starting zone. Be mindful of your levels, as Pengullets tend to start around level 6 and have the ability to freeze you. Oh, and shoot you with a rocket launcher.

So, good luck with that.

You'll be rewarded with Pal Fluid, an item used to craft a number of potential items. This includes the hot spring needed to increase your Pal's sanity meter. And nothing says "sane" to me like sitting in a tub of my fellow Pal's own juices. Hmmm.

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