PC only players may not be happy about this EA Sports College Football 25 news.

Every day, more hype builds for the eventual release of EA Sports College Football 25, which is set for July 19. Until that time comes, fans are getting shown more and more about the game, but there are still some questions out there. One such question that we will answer here - is College Football 25 going to be available on PC?

One of the options for pre-order is the <a href="https://esports.gg/news/gaming/gamestop-college-football-25-homecoming-pack-comes-with-a-locker/">GameStop-exclusive Homecoming Edition</a> (Image via GameStop)
One of the options for pre-order is the GameStop-exclusive Homecoming Edition (Image via GameStop)

Can I play College Football 25 on PC?

Based on what we have been told from developers so far, it is looking like College Football 25 will not be available to play on PC at launch. There is potential for PC compatibility and more cross-play options to open up with patches and updates post-launch. However, that has not been confirmed.

At launch, College Football 25 will only be available for next-gen Sony and Microsoft consoles, the Xbox X|S and the PlayStation 5. So, if you intend to play the new game on its July 19 launch, or its July 15 early-access launch for Deluxe Edition pre-orders, you will need to secure one of those consoles before that date.

EA Sports College Football 25 system requirements

As of the time of this article's release, there isn't an exact specification on the requirements for College Football 25 on PlayStation 5 or Xbox X|S. Nor, do we know the exact download size. To be safe heading into the game's launch, be sure to keep your console updated and leave plenty of storage available.

Once we know more about system requirements or download size, we will provide updates.

Until then, there's plenty more to check out ahead of College Football 25. We just recently got a large update on the sights and sounds of the game. This included exciting information about some big names joining the broadcast booth and the game's dynamic crowd system.

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