The College Football 25 Homecoming Pack from GameStop is one-of-a-kind.

Fans of College Football 25 now have another way to pre-order the upcoming game, thanks to the newly unveiled GameStop Homecoming Pack, which includes unique perks like a game-themed locker.

Here's everything you need to know about the new bundle, including its cost, and where you can get it for yourself on pre-order.

College Football 25 Homecoming Pack: Price, contents, and how to pre-order

GameStop has just revealed an exclusive bundle for College Football 25 called the Homecoming Pack. The bundle includes a CFB25 branded football, jersey, and locker with a starting price of $149.99.

The Homecoming Pack is live now and can be pre-ordered on GameStop's website for both Xbox and PlayStation. It is also available in the game's multiple different editions, with prices for the bundle going as high as $229.99 for the MVP Bundle.

The collectible memorabilia included in GameStop's Homecoming Pack (Image via GameStop)
The collectible memorabilia included in GameStop's Homecoming Pack (Image via GameStop)

For those interested, GameStop provided details about the three items included in the bundle:

  • EA SPORTS College Football 25 Branded Locker Replica: A detailed miniature locker, perfect for showcasing your love for college football. This collector's item is a unique addition to any fan's memorabilia.
  • EA SPORTS College Football 25 Replica Athletic Jersey: Our high-quality jersey lets you gear up and get excited making you feel like part of the action.
  • EA SPORTS College Football 25 Branded Official Football: Get your hands on an authentic football featuring the EA SPORTS College Football 25 branding. Whether for display or play, it’s a fantastic keepsake for any fan.

For diehard College Football 25 fans, the Homecoming Pack could be the perfect thing to bring all of the hype of this anticipated release together in one amazing package and only comes at a slight increase of the normal cost of the game.

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