The Fluffy Bear suit is a big and cuddly costume that you can obtain after helping a citizen of Xion in Stellar Blade.

While many of EVE's costumes can be considered revealing, there is one full-body outfit that covers everything and is fun to wear. The Fluffy Bear suit in Stellar Blade is exactly how it sounds. It is a giant bear costume, with a cute red bowtie.

You have to reach a certain point in the main story for access, and then complete a side quest. So, let us guide you through collecting it.

How to get the Fluffy Bear suit in Stellar Blade

When you reach region of Matrix 11, you'll encounter a once-used human hideout now crawling with Naytiba. It seems like any other mission. You fight through the area, defeat the Alpha Naytiba, and move on.

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Well, as soon as that part of Matrix 11 is done, you'll unlock a new interaction. A man named Jett on Xion will now speak to you and give you a side quest. Memories of the Doll then ends with the Fluffy Bear suit in your possession.

Here's what you have to do:

  1. After completing the main story mission at Matrix 11, return to Xion
  2. Open your map and track the exclamation point to the west of its center
  3. Enter the door to find Jett in a home full of teddy bears
  4. Speak to Jett to hear his story and receive the Memories of the Doll mission
  5. Return to the safehouse on Xion, talk to Adam, and travel to Matrix 11
  6. Take the elevator down, pick up the phone to your immediate left, and fast travel to the Rail Yard
  7. Go down the stairs and swim through the submerged door
  8. Follow the pathway, leading to more stairs, and then the Matrix 11 hideout
  9. Climb the ladder to the camp and retrieve the teddy bear from the tire swing
  10. Return to Jett on Xion and talk to him to return the bear
  11. Jett leaves, so open your map and follow the new marker to speak to him again
  12. Interact with Jett one last time to end Memories of the Doll and receive the Fluffy Bear suit

Those are the steps to follow, but you can make it a lot easier on yourself. Matrix 11 does not have a map available while you explore. You can use your companion to scan the area, however, and that will bring up the directional markers with map icons at the top of your screen.

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Just follow that and you'll soon see the number dwindle, indicating that you're close. Once you're at the hideout, grab the bear and you're given the option to immediately return to Jett. If you're done with Matrix 11, head right back to get the Fluffy Bear suit in Stellar Blade ASAP.

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