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How to see your PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 cover image

How to see your PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022


The year is over and now it’s time to gloat! Here’s how to see your PlayStation Wrap-Up for 2022 and see all those lovely statistics.

Congrats, you've made it to the end of the year and your reward is learning how to see your very own PlayStation Wrap-Up for all of 2022! Sure, that may just mean showing the world that you played a ton of Elden Ring, but isn't that an achievement worth crowing to your friends about? Even if you aren't looking to share your gaming life with others, getting a chance to see what the PlayStation Wrap-Up says about your gaming habits is worth a few clicks. But, maybe do yourself a favor and don't share how many hours of Rocket League you've played to your parents. They wouldn't understand.
Here's how to check the various aspects of the PlayStation Wrap-Up for 2022.

Log in, read, reap rewards

Getting your PlayStation Wrap-Up info is easy: Just head on over to the Wrap-Up page and log in! You'll be required to head on through a bit of a showcase for Sony's entire year. But on the plus side this includes a number of interesting statistics and information from in-game for titles such as Stray, God of War: Ragnarok, and more. We suppose that means that every gamer out there who is wondering how many times the cat in Stray has meowed this year is in for a treat.

How to get your PlayStation Wrap-Up summary card

Getting your year in review PlayStation Wrap-Up card is simple: Just follow the instructions to go through each of the year-in-review sections. At the end sits your own personalized splash screen and a summary card that is shareable on social media, as well as downloadable! Done and done, you can now dunk on your friends for all of that Overwatch 2 time you got in on console.
But also, we're sorry that you played that much Overwatch 2 on console.
Stay tuned to for all of your end of year news and notes for all things esports.
Will Harrison
Will Harrison
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