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How to change Pal names in Palworld

If you want to change the names of your Pals in Palworld, it is as easy as going into their details page and clicking the Edit button.

Palworld is full of Pals for you to catch. While there are many of the same species, no Pal is the same as the next. Stats, abilities, and size can all differ. And that uniqueness can be expanded further if you want to change their names and call your Pals in Palworld something of your choosing.

Since the very beginning days of Pokemon, a game many have compared Palworld to, you've been able to name your partners. It has come with limitations in those titles, but you won't find them in this survival game by Pocketpair.

How to give your Pal a new name in Palworld

Being able to name your Pal something new is one of the best customization aspect of the game. That can be said for any creature collecting game, really. It makes them truly feel like your partner, on an adventure just between the two of you.

If you prefer the names given to them by Pocketpair, then you don't need to do anything. If you want to change your Pal's name in Palworld, however, follow these steps to do so:

  1. Build a Palbox, which is part of the tutorial and required to have a base
  2. Access the Palbox or your Party menu
  3. Choose the Pal you want to change the name of
  4. View their details page that shows their skills, stats, and abilities
  5. Press the Edit button that appears next to the Pal's name
  6. Type in up to 24 characters and submit the new name you've chosen for your Pal

There is no limit to the amount of Pal's you can name in Palworld. Every Pal can have a unique name if you want to separate them that way. As well, you can change the name of a single Pal as many times as you want. No restrictions there either.

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