Here’s how to beat the Abaddon Boss in Stellar Blade before you go insane.

The Abaddon boss fight in the Stellar Blade demo can be quite difficult, especially if you're used to button mashing in single player games. While it's definitely not on the level of a Dark Souls or Elden Ring boss fight, it does require a little bit of patience.

The Abaddon boss fight marks the end of the playable demo, which is the first segment of the game after EVE lands back on Earth with her squadron. By the time you face Abaddon you will have been taught how to block, dodge, blink and heal. All of which will come in handy.

Abaddon is the final boss of the Stellar Blade Demo and "not an ordinary enemy" (Screenshot by
Abaddon is the final boss of the Stellar Blade Demo and "not an ordinary enemy" (Screenshot by

How to beat Abaddon boss in Stellar Blade?

To beat Abaddon in Stellar Blade will require you to unlearn a few habits you might have learned from other games. Namely, that blocking is pointless and button bashing will win a fight. While Stellar Blade is not a true "Soulslike" - for example there is no Stamina bar- it is a game where paying attention to boss moves list will help you defeat them.

Abaddon is a fairly simple boss once you realise the battleground is actually quite big. (just press R3 to toggle off enemy targeting). Here are some of our other tips to beat the Abaddon Boss in Stellar Blade.

  • Press R3 to toggle off enemy-targeting: By default EVE will auto-target Abaddon meaning he will always be at the centre of your screen. This is great to ensure you land all your attacks close-up. However, it's not ideal for when Abaddon casts his AOE spells, or if you're trying to buy time to heal. If you see him about to cast an AOE ability or jump in the air, press R3 to toggle off targeting and run.
  • Use the white car for cover: On top of the parking lot there is a white you can use for cover from his melee attacks. You can also stand on top of the car and hit him directly. Abaddon is not the smartest, and the car is indestructible.
  • Time your dodges: There is no Stamina Bar in Stellar Blade but if you're spamming the roll button you won't get a feel for when is the perfect time. First master the basic backwards dodge with CIRCLE.
  • Dodge sideways: In the tutorial you're taught to dodge backwards by press CIRCLE and back at the right time. However, you can also dodge sideways, doing so puts you in a better spot to land 3-4 hits on Abaddon before he recovers.
  • Block incoming attacks: We know block is rarely used but in Stellar Blade you'll need to! Abaddon's basic attacks can be blocked using L1. The only abilities that cannot be blocked are Abaddon's Lighting attacks. If you time the block well the screen will light up and perform a Perfect Parry. After that, unleash your fury.

One of Abaddon's attacks is a roll forward followed by a one-handed swipe. During this attack you will see a big blue circle which indicates you can use BLINK if timed correctly. To use BLINK press forwards and CIRCLE. If successful you will reappear behind him. If unsuccessful you will get smacked in the face.

Second Phase Abaddon Boss - How to deal with Abaddon's Lighting Attacks

Assuming you're blocking his melee attacks, the only problem left is Abaddon's Lighting Attacks. These come into play once Abaddon hits around 50% HP. In the cut-scene pre battle we're given a hint when we see Abaddon charging his blades via a bolt of lightning.

If Abaddon casts this ability during the battle, it will temporarily imbue his two blades with electricity, dealing significantly more damage. More importantly it deals heavy shield damage (marked as SH in your in-game battle UI) While his blades are powered up, avoid doing anything crazy. After a few swipes the buff will disappear.

AOE Slam: Abaddon leaps in the air and then slams onto the ground dealing AOE damage. This is unblockable (so don't try), and to avoid it either don't be nearby or jump away.
Lighting Strikes: Abaddon calls down 6-8 lightning bolts that will strike the ground. For this just make sure you're running in a straight line away (remember to press R3 to toggle off targeting)
Shockwave / Magic Missiles: If you do end up very far away from Abaddon will fire a lightning shockwave towards you. This also can not be blocked, so just dash using O to avoid it. After the shockwave he will fire around 4 magic missile type attacks, these can be dodged if timed correctly.

If you follow these steps you will be able to beat Abaddon in no time. I personally managed to do it in 2 minutes & 35 seconds, but with an extra Perfect Parry or two, I'm sure you'll do even better.

What happens after the Abaddon boss fight in Stellar Blade?

If you're playing the Stellar Blade Demo, once you defeat Abaddon the demo switches to a cut scene of gameplay coming in the full release.

After you beat the Abaddon Boss in Stellar Blade you will unlock "Boss Challenge" in the demo version
After you beat the Abaddon Boss in Stellar Blade you will unlock "Boss Challenge" in the demo version

Completing the Demo also unlocks "Boss Challenge" in the main menu, which will allow you to face a different boss but with a more kitted out EVE with three additional Stellar Blade outfits.

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