Stellar Blade Demo Release Date: Prepare your PS5 cover image

Stellar Blade Demo Release Date: Prepare your PS5

The free Stellar Blade demo is coming out (officially this time). PS5 owners will get chance to get a taste of one of 2024’s biggest exclusives.

The demo for the PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade has an official release date and it's just in time for the Easter Holidays.

The contents of the demo appears to be the same as the one accidentally leaked in March, before it was swiftly taken down. (However, not before avid gamers got their 4K gameplay YouTube videos online)

When does Stellar Blade demo come out? (Release Date)

The free demo for Stellar Blade will go live on March 29 exclusively on the PS5.

The full version of the game will launch on April 26, for $69.99. (available for pre-orders)

protagonist EVE in official screenshot from Stellar Blade
protagonist EVE in official screenshot from Stellar Blade

What's in the Stellar Blade demo?

The free Stellar Blade demo will include the first level of the game, up until the first boss fight. According to outlets who got early access to the demo, it's roughly two hours of Stellar Blade gameplay. The first chapter of the game begins when protagonist EVE - based on South Korean model Shin Jae-Eun - lands on Earth with her squad from the colony. Their mission: to reclaim their lost home from the Naytiba.

The gameplay of Stellar Blade has led to it being dubbed the "Korean Nier". While it is an action title in the vein of God of War Ragnarok, the combat footage so far from the Stellar Blade demo has shown you won't be able to hack-n-slash your way to victory. EVE can evade, parry and defend, giving off Dark Souls vibes, where a reckless approach would lead to death. This will hopefully, give the game some longevity. As well as plenty of time to admire the graphics and grace of EVE in combat.


Stellar Blade takes place in the not too distant future, where Earth as we know it has been ravaged by an evil force known as the Naytiba. As a result, the human race fled to form a Colony in outer space. Now, EVE and her squad return to Earth to try to take back control. However, on arrival things don't go as planned. The Stellar Blade Demo begins as EVE and her squad land on Earth for the first time.

Protagonist EVE will have a selection of <a href="">Stellar Blade outfits</a>, each with unique perks
Protagonist EVE will have a selection of Stellar Blade outfits, each with unique perks

From gameplay seen so far, EVE is the only playable character in Stellar Blade. There are also no plans for multiplayer. However, that hasn't stopped people gushing over the game due to its visuals, fast paced combat and alluring protagonist EVE. One of the gameplay mechanics allows EVE to equip various outfits, each offering a unique perk. One of these outfits is the Stellar Blade Skin Suit, a thirst trap suit that punishes players who equip it.

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